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Samsung aims for the metaverse with an AR headset

According to the latest rumors, too Samsung would be preparing a AR viewer to enter the metaverso. The Korean giant will compete directly with Apple e Google.

Samsung will launch an AR headset for the metaverse

During his visit to the Samsung exhibition at the Mobile World Congress 2022the company’s CEO Han Jong-hee has released statements suggesting a possible launch of an AR headset in the near future.

In fact, according to reports from The Investor, he would have said that the devices for the metaverso “I’m at the center of all conversations, so we moved to respond to the trend. It won’t take long. We are looking for perfection as we prepare for the launch ”.

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A pretty straightforward confirmation, assuming that these are really the CEO’s words. Samsung has already in the past shown interest in the world of augmented and virtual realityAnd. With product launches within the Odyssey and Gear VR categories.

But that was before Facebook changed its name to Metabefore Apple started developing an AR and VR headset and before that Google prepared to do the same. Now the focus could be elsewhere, with the company launching a headset in the Galaxy line to meet the competition.

In recent years, Samsung has concentrated its research in other areas, such as the world of folding smartphones. But he could recover in time. Apple is expected to introduce its headset by the end of the yearor, but there is a risk that it will have to postpone to 2023. Google won’t be ready until 2024. Perhaps Samsung will be able to retrieve and present one of its devices. Although so far the information on this is scarce, suggesting that we are not close to the production phase.

But there is the (almost) official confirmation that all the big tech producers are now thinking about the metaverse. Although it remains to be seen if the public is ready to follow them in this new dimension.

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