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Samsung aims for the WOW effect with the 2023 TV line-up

Samsung Electronics unveiled today, April 5, 2023, his new range of TVs on the occasion of the event Unbox and Discover 2023. The company aims for a big WOW effect, showing the world its innovative screen solutions that reflect its vision: “Screens everywhere, Screens for all” (screens everywhere, screens for everyone).

Samsung announces TV line-up for 2023

Samsung remains the global leader in the TV industry for the seventeenth year in a row, with sales successes that testify to its ongoing commitment to balance high quality and quality design.

Here All the best of Samsung telephony

As he explains Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Vice President, CEO and Head of DX (Device eXperience) Division of Samsung Electronics: “At Samsung, we understand that technology is meant to offer opportunities and improve people’s lives, not complicate them. By choosing Samsung, consumers will experience ever more exciting experiences, while also participating in Samsung’s commitment to reduce its environmental impact.”

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The company therefore continues to innovate both from a hardware point of view, with its Neo QLEDs but also with the OLED range, as well as with many new software features.

Samsung TV 2023: the new Neo QLEDs

The new Neo QLED models offer a winning combination of image quality and attractive design. But also smooth connectivity and enveloping sound. With Auto HDR remastering consumers will enjoy theirs favorite content in 8Kalso on YouTube.

L’AI remastering is able to optimize the audio of low quality recordings. While Q-Symphony allows TV speakers and compatible soundbars to work together, creating a precise and immersive sound effect.

The quality of Samsung OLED

The Samsung OLED range has also received a number of improvements. Among them the processor Neural Quantum 4K, which uses advanced artificial intelligence to improve picture quality, making amazing details visible for an extraordinary viewing experience. Samsung OLED also offers immersive audio that it supports Dolby Atmos e Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+), in which the TV analyzes the content and produces sound that follows everything that happens on the screen for even more realistic audio. These features are available on models S95C e S90C.

Lots of innovative features

Features like Samsung TV Plus e Gaming Hub offer a variety of benefits to entertainment and gaming enthusiasts looking for a better home entertainment experience. Collaborations in the gaming field in particular are still growing, with the possibility of accessing services such as Xbox Game Pass. While Samsung TV Plus offers great programming, very varied.

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Samsung also offers smart connectivity between its TVs and other products and accessories in the home. With SmartThingsyou can easily manage all your compatible devices Home Connectivity Alliance. SmartThings also ensures data security thanks to Samsung Knox Vault, which protects personal information on a separate chip.


Among the innovations presented at Unbox and Discover, the attention to products made with recycled materials and with ecological packaging also stand out. The teaThird generation SolarCell remote control does not need batteries, but recharges with energy from Wi-Fi signals. Also, the mode AI Energy allows you to monitor and optimize the energy consumption of your devices.

The 2023 line-up also includes TVs, monitors, digital signage products and Samsung remote controls made with materials upcycled and packaging with reduced use of ink and staples under production.

Samsung TV 2023: prices and availability

The line-up is already available for pre-order – you can find all the details here. And then there’s an unmissable offer for those who want to take home the best of Samsung technology: until 9 April it is possible to book the new Neo QLED or OLED S90C TVs online and receive a latest generation smartphone as a gift. Depending on the size of the TV chosen, you can in fact have a free Galaxy S22 Ultra (above 65″) or a Galaxy S22 (below 65″)two models that offer exceptional performance and an extraordinary camera.

But that’s not all: by purchasing on the Samsung online shop, you can take advantage of exclusive benefits, such as free delivery and the possibility of paying in installments a as of June 2023. Also, choosing the financing Findomesticyou can defer the payment up to 40 months without interest.

For those who want to make the most of the potential of Samsung OLED TVs, there is also the option Training a Casaan additional service that provides personalized advice at home to discover all the product functions and enjoy a unique viewing experience.

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