Samsung and MediaWorld together for the second edition of Tech is Pink

Samsung e MediaWorld insieme per la seconda edizione di Tech is Pink thumbnail

The October 25 comes the second edition of Tech is Pink, the online training course focused on STEM disciplines dedicated exclusively to girls. The route is promoted by MediaWorld and, for the first time, also from Samsung Electronics Italia. Let’s find out all the details together.

The second edition of Tech is Pink

The two companies, which have been collaborating together for years to support technological innovation in Italy, extend their collaboration also intraining area and of enhancement of talent. Their goal is to make system e contribute to the spread of a digital culture in our country.

Made in collaboration with Girls Tech, an initiative of SYX, a non-profit association for the diffusion of new information technologies, Tech is Pink was born with the aim of raising awareness among girls on digital issues from an early age.

In fact, it is when young people become passionate about the disciplines STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These subjects allow you to develop those skills that are in high demand from the labor market.

The new technologies are in fact revolutionizing in a transversal way every sector e every type by profession. On the one hand they generate new growth opportunities for companies. On the other, they generate new professional figures that at the moment companies are struggling to find why adequate profiles are missing.

Add to this unemployment rates in our country still very high, especially if we consider female employment. This is in fact among the lowest in Europe and is around 49% against 62.4% the average in Europe.

The comment of the companies

Alessandro Bergamo, the Head of HR of MediaWorld Italia, commented:

We all know that the digital transition it is a fundamental step that our country must take in order to return to growth and be competitive. Digital and technological innovation are creating incredible opportunities for the new generations. With Tech is Pink we want to help girls understand that through the study of scientific subjects they too can be an active part of this change. It is an important challenge and we are happy that even one of our consolidated partners like Samsung wants to tackle it together with us. Gender equality, talent enhancement and training are the pillars on which our strategy is based.

Also Giovanni Barina, the Head of Human Resources & General Affairs of Samsung Electronics Italia, commented on the project. Barina said:

Samsung has been committed for years to promote digital innovation in Italy […] We are convinced that new technologies can enable people and in particular the new generations to reach their full potential and to guide processes of positive evolution in the social sphere in the future. Girls Tech is perfectly in line with our vision. Never as in this moment of profound transformations in society, it is essential to help girls orient themselves towards what can guarantee them greater opportunities in the future.

Tech is Pink is a journey made of more 30 online courses in live streaming for a total of approx 180 hours of free training. The course is aimed at young women aged 7 to 18. Its goal is to develop female technological talents and concretely support, through training, the presence of women in the science and technology sector.

The courses, taught by Girls Tech professionals, will cover some of the most current topics. Among the main ones we find:

  • Coding with Scratch and Python to app design;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Graphic design;
  • Gaming.

For more information on courses and on how to register you can consult the MediaWorld website.