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Samsung announces support for the WiFi Calling feature

Samsung Electronics Italia announced support for the feature Wifi calling on Galaxy smartphones. You can then make and receive calls using only the Wi-Fi network. All without even having to think about it: it happens automatically and transparently.

Samsung announces support for the WiFi Calling feature

Technology WiFi Callingotherwise called VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) allows you to make calls when you are connected to a WiFi network, ensuring continuity when switching from a cellular network to a WiFi network and vice versa.

This solution is particularly useful when you are in an area with poor network coverage, such as in isolated places or inside buildings. The service is enabled by default and integrated into the new interface One UI 5.0 released by Samsungcon Android 13. No new apps or special downloads required.

The novelty also guarantees the continuity of the call if you pass from 4G signal to the WiFi one and vice versa. Switching takes place automatically based on the signal level. For example, if you are making a call via WiFi at home and then leave, the call will continue on the mobile network without any interruptions.

However, the thresholds for switching are pre-set, in order to avoid too frequent switching between VoLTE and VoWiFi network technologies. The infrastructure between the two technologies is the same, so this transition will be particularly smooth.

The technology supports solutions such as call waiting, voice mail or emergency numbers. For now, however, it will only be available for the series Galaxy S22but will soon arrive on other models that support One UI 5.0.

However, we point out that the service of WiFi Calling is being activated, depending on your smartphone model and telephone operator it may or may not work. It will take some time, but it will arrive on all compatible Galaxy smartphones.

You can find more information on the Samsung website.

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