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Samsung Considers Leaving Google for Bing Chat on Galaxy

L’artificial intelligence start making a difference: Samsung could leave Google to adopt Bing Chat on their own smartphone Galaxy. Using the AI-based search engine could bring interesting news for users. But the economic impact could be epochal: we are talking about billions of advertisements and many smartphones, putting Google’s dominance in online search at risk.

Samsung wants to ditch Google for Bing Chat on the Galaxy

A new report from the New York Times reveals that Google could lose its place as the leader of the search market. Not because of a collective choice of users, but because Samsung could change the default search engine of its Galaxy smartphones – bringing millions of users with it.

Most users are not interested in choosing a search engine on their smartphone. Although many Android smartphones let you choose an alternative during installation, most users choose the default option. So much so that economists consulted by the New York Times estimate the possible economic damage for Google in lost advertising at three billion dollars.

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This news puts further fear to Google because also AppleThat until 2017 it used Bing as the default on iPhones and then switched to Google, has to re-discuss his contract this year. And in that case the possible damage would rise to 20 billion dollars.

This explains why Google is running for cover, having launched the Google Bard with great speed. But also by investing in new features in their search engine that want to “radically” change the user experience. A way to convince Samsung not to leave Chrome and Google Search.

Also because, given the pressure from the EU for Google to limit the obligations for those who use Android (such as the obligation to have Chrome and the Google app pre-installed on your smartphone), the company could lose further market. Revolutionizing the game of strength in the mobile world.

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