Samsung Display: Stop the production of LCD panels

Samsung Display: Stop the production of LCD panels

leeds, west yorkshire, united kingdom – 7 july 2021: sign above the samsung experience store on briggate in leeds

Samsung Displaythe division of the Korean group specializing in the creation of displays for various tech devices, is preparing to say goodbye to the production of LCD panels. The project had already been confirmed a few years ago but the pandemic had changed the cards on the table, prompting the company to temporarily review its plans. Today, however, market conditions are ripe for an important strategic change.

Samsung Display will focus on OLED and QD OLED, goodbye to LCD production

There is no future for LCD panels between Samsung Display’s production lines. The Korean company is preparing to say goodbye to this business, with the disposal of existing production lines that will be converted to other technologies. It’s about a strategic choice which is certainly not linked to a low demand on the part of the market. The prices of LCD panels are falling sharply due to the huge competition from Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers. For the future, therefore, Samsung Display will focus on other sectors of the market.

Focus on other technologies

Samsung will focus manufacturing efforts onOLED, technology increasingly requested both on smartphones and in the notebook sector, and on panels QD OLED for monitors and TVs. The company’s manufacturing activities will continue to focus on the most profitable market segments at this time. This choice should reflect, already in the short term, on the financial results of the company.

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