Samsung Electronics Italia: 30 years of activity are celebrated

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Samsung Electronics Italia celebrates today – November 17, 2021 – 30 years of the company in Italy and confirms its commitment to leading the country’s digital innovation, to generate value on the territory and support growth and social development. On this important occasion, Samsung has released data from a research conducted in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, which outlines the macro-trends and digital scenarios of the future connected to the expectations of Italians towards technology companies and their future innovations.

“We are proud to have reached this important milestone. Italy has always been a strategic country for the company, in which we want to continue to grow and invest. For 30 years, thanks to our products and services, we have been accompanying Italians on a path of innovation, contributing to the digital evolution of the whole country. We do this and we will do so more and more in the future through what we call a “relevant” innovation, that is the development of new devices and tools that have the ability to significantly improve the quality of life of people and an accessible technology, that is a technology that leaves no one behind, because everyone must be able to access the value and opportunities generated by digital, ”he comments Antonio Bosio, Head of Products & Solutions di Samsung Electronics Italia.

Technology as a facilitator for people’s quality of life and technology as a precious means to improve the world we live in, making it more sustainable, safe, accessible and fair. This is the great potential that Italians attribute to innovation, which is increasingly human-centered and capable of supporting and driving social progress.

Sustainable Development, improvement of the quality of life (“Better living for longer”) e remotization are therefore the macro-trends that emerged from the research.


Italians recognize a growing and central role of new technologies to face the challenges of our times and ensure a better future and believe that technology companies need to focus on sustainability, followed by training and access to technology for affordable innovation. of all. The 62% of the sample considers that digital can contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact, the 49% considers it engine of social progress and the 47% tool for the reduction of inequalities and the promotion of a more inclusive society and fair.

The Smart Home is the place to start to reduce your impact on the environment: the 54% of respondents in fact associate the smart home with the possibility of control and reduce consumi, the 37% believes that, thanks to a connected home, it is possible to make one’s own more sustainable home life.

But sustainability is also among the characteristics considered most relevant for one smart city; for the 48% of the interviewees, in fact, the Smart City must reflect the idea of ​​a sustainable place in full respect of the planet and the needs of the individual.

Closely related to social progress is the improvement that theinstruction can draw from new technologies, which they have the ability to revolutionize teaching current and to move it towards a more hybrid approach. L’87% of respondents are confident that technology will positively impact the quality of education. Furthermore, the Italians hope for a radical change in future didactic scenarios: for example the 30% of the sample imagines a didactic where augmented reality will allow to follow lessons in class the remote completely immersive e interactive. A third of respondents are also convinced that digital will increasingly have a function of engine of employment, if supported by a greater dissemination of adequate skills and the study of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), essential to be able to fully exploit the benefits of new technologies.


The study highlights how new technologies are increasingly associated with improved life expectancy through tools to monitor physical well-being and health and technologies for personal safety.

Among the possible scenarios deriving from an increasingly pervasive connectivity, the diffusion of health devices it turns out to be in fact the most interesting for the 58% of Italians, while the safety it is one of the main characteristics sought by the interviewees in the house of the future. The 46% of the sample. It’s not all. Safety is confirmed as one of the issues most felt by Italians also in the city context: in one smart city, the presence of technologies for monitoring dangerous situations and intelligent cameras for detecting dangerous situations are considered interesting by respectively 81% and 76% of the interviewees.


The health emergency, which hit us almost two years ago, has completely revolutionized our way of living and working, further consolidating the trend of remotization, or the carrying out of remote operations and activities. If before this trend mainly concerned the business world with, for example, the first experiments of robotics and AR in the automation field and the introduction of some forms of smart working, now the concept has extended to any area of ​​our life, thanks also to better connectivity that allows a greater diffusion of smart services both in homes and in the city. Talking about 5G for instance, smart city and health monitoring devices are the most interesting scenarios that can be accelerated by the diffusion of this new standard, according to the respectively 63% and 58% Italians. 37% of respondents associate the benefits of 5G with smart working, 32% with the actual creation of a smart home. Remote control is a concept that is increasingly now associated with the smart home: second 34% of Italians smart home means being able to have control of their home from anywhere. The home is once again central, a place for private life, a place of work but also a place where purchases are made, a place for study, entertainment and information. Furthermore, in the perception of most, equal to 65% of the sample, current technology is already capable or will be within the next 5 years to make a house totally autonomous and domotic.

In this scenario, it becomes the role of tech companies in being promoters of change and accompanying people towards the future is crucial. The research highlights the expectations of Italians in this sense: to improve the quality of life and our future, it is considered necessary for technology companies to put sustainability, training and greater accessibility of technology at the center of their strategy so that it is truly affordable. of all, respectively by 54%, 27% and 19% of the interviewees.

Present in Italy since 1991, Samsung has always worked for spread the benefits of new digital technologies in all the main social and economic areas such as the home, the world of companies and business, schools, public services, art and entertainment and for promote a digital culture through value initiatives capable of helping Italians to seize all the opportunities that new technologies can generate. For 30 years, and for the future, Samsung will continue to offer Italians cutting-edge technologies to help them express their full potential, improving the quality of their life, facilitating their profession and making them live their passions to the full.