Samsung punta sulla sostenibilità: obiettivo zero emissioni per il futuro thumbnail

Samsung focuses on sustainability: zero net emissions goal

Samsung focuses on sustainability: zero emissions target for the future thumbnail

Samsung confirms its commitment to the environmental sustainability of its business. The company, in fact, aims at achieve the goal of net zero carbon emissionsboth direct and indirect, by 2050. This is an ambitious goal that must be planned with great attention in order to be achieved by following the timing and intermediate steps envisaged. Samsung, to confirm its commitment to sustainability, also announced that it has joined the initiative RE100 which aims to encourage the use of renewable energy.

Samsung focuses on sustainability by setting the goal for net zero carbon emissions

Samsung focuses on environmental sustainability. The company, in fact, aims to achieve net carbon emissions equal to zero both for it Scope 1 (greenhouse gases emitted directly from the production line) and lo Scope 2 (emissions from indirect sources such as electricity and air conditioning). The goal will be achieved by the group by 2050.

It should also be noted that the divisione DX (Device eXperience) Samsung aims to achieve this milestone much earlier. In fact, according to what the company has declared, the net emissions target of zero for the DX division will be reached by 2030. Further updates on the issue will arrive over the next few weeks.

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