Samsung Galaxy A: in arrivo un nuovo evento Samsung questo giovedì thumbnail

Samsung Galaxy A: event coming this Thursday

Samsung Galaxy A: a new Samsung event coming this Thursday thumbnail

Despite appearances, smartphones Galaxy S di Samsung they are not the company’s most successful product, and although Samsung communicates them particularly intensively, its best-selling smartphones fall within the series. Galaxy A lower level. It is no coincidence that the company is planning a new event dedicated to Galaxy A for next Thursday.

Samsung Galaxy A: a new Samsung event is coming

The graphic shown as part of the smartphone promotional campaign has eight panels, seven of which contain a stylized “A”. The first “A” looks like one smartphone with side buttons and a black glass display that fills in the blanks. There is one covered by Emoji and another showing what appear to be photographs of young users.

However, an “A” is clearly underwater. This suggests that at least one of the Samsung Galaxy A phones we will see this week may have one IP classification.

Samsung Galaxy To Event

This would be something that is not seen very often on non-flagship devices, consequently these new smartphones could reserve us some noteworthy surprises.

Likewise, the neon “A” suggests that the phones might have good cameras for low-light shooting. Samsung usually launches several models of Galaxy A phones at the same time, so it is very likely that we will see more devices over the course of Thursday’s event. To find out what they will be and what characteristics they will have, however, we will have to wait a few more days.

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