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Samsung Galaxy A13, an economical and functional smartphone

Lo smartphone Samsung Galaxy A13 it is economical, light, functional and full of applications that make it complete and efficient. Brilliant screen, fast connectivity, good camera… For those looking for a complete but economical device, they have found the solution. In fact, the new Samsung smartphone costs very little, you can only pay for a discount 136 euro.

The characteristics of Samsung Galaxy A13

Samsung Galaxy A13 offers more space to play and watch content, with the Display Infinity-V da 6.6 pollici. The FHD + technology of 4G smartphones makes everyday content crisp, defined and clear.
With a minimalist design that combines muted colors with a delicate feel and comfortable to hold.

This device is equipped with con Quad Camera system which captures memorable moments with the main camera from 50 MP. Also equipped with a cameraa Ultra wide anglefocus with depth camera and Macro camera.

Obviously the battery is long-lasting, from 5,000 mAh. A cheap but smooth and fast smartphone, with a Octa-core processor and up to 3GB of RAM. Galaxy A13 offers fast and efficient performance. Let’s say that 136 euros is worth them all right.

Available in many colors, Samsung Galaxy A13 combines the latest technology with the need for an affordable, easy-to-use device that offers all the available features. At full price it costs 180 euros, a cost that still reflects all the positive notes of this smartphone, but we like more to buy at a discount.

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