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Samsung Galaxy Book3 and the new Intel processors, a full power partnership

In the economic heart of Milan, among all the technology of the Samsung SmartThings Home, we were able to test the power of the 13th generation Intel processors inside the new line of Samsung Galaxy Book3 laptops. And we did it in a particular way, halfway between show cooking and video editing, to fully test the Galaxy ecosystem.

Intel in the new Samsung Galaxy Book3, at full power

Upon entering the Milanese Samsung District, we immediately noticed a long row of laptops at the back of the room: the new line of Samsung-branded computers powered by Intel processors. But while we admired the excellent VESA ClearMR and DisplayHDR TRUE BLACK 500 certified screens, we saw movement in the kitchen area of ​​Samsung’s smart home.

Chefs Stefano Callegaro and Beatrice De Tullio were preparing a special lunch, which combined Samsung’s Korea with Intel’s United States in a truly original way. It wasn’t just a slap-up lunch (which we avoid describing in too much detail so as not to make us hungry again even after the end of the event), but an opportunity to test the new products of the Galaxy ecosystem.

In fact, we recorded some videos using the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and then passed them to a video editor who quickly edited them using a Galaxy Book3 Ultra. And when I say quickly, I mean it: the QuickShare feature made it possible to pass video from smartphone to PC in no time at all. And assembling with Intel power in the new Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro took very little time.

Extreme power in the Galaxy ecosystem

galaxy book3 ultra samsung intel evo minDon’t notice our reflection while we take the picture

Samsung’s new laptops have really high power in terms of computation. In fact, they take advantage of the new line of 13th generation Intel Core processors, which offers up to 16 PCIe 5.0 lanes, DDR5 memory and up to four supported Thunderbolt 4 ports. But what has perhaps most impressed us in the time spent with these laptops concerns the connectivity, both of the new Intel Wi-Fi 6/6E (Gig+) and of the Bluetooth 5.2.

This allows you to make operations even more fluid and dynamic not only on laptops, but between laptops and the rest of the Galaxy range. We loved that we could use the notebook keyboard and trackpad to control different devices seamlessly, although laptops use a Windows 11 operating system while tablets and smartphones use Android. Not only can you move the mouse arrow and use the laptop keyboard to open and use apps on the Galaxy Tabs, but you can also pass files in real time with Quick Share (the one we used to pass chef videos) and Secure Share, when you are looking for extra protection.

Flexibility throughout the system

Then there is the possibility of using Galaxy Tab in a second monitor. Or you can use Expert RAW on your Galaxy smartphone to take high-quality photos and automatically transfer them to your Galaxy Book3. And there’s no shortage of phone-to-PC connectivity via the Link to Phone app, feature Single Sign On for access to Galaxy services, e Smart Switch for transferring data from your old Windows PC – just like on your smartphone. Samsung has even created a convenient hub on the PC to manage all these operations with extreme simplicity, following you step by step.

And a small technical note: the charger of the new laptops is as large as that of a smartphone and supports both tablets and smartphones. Which means that it will be enough to have it with us together with a USB-C cable to charge all our devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Book3 are Intel Evo certified – even the Ultra with Nvidia GPU

galaxy book3 samsung min

The power of Samsung’s Galaxy Book3 laptops shouldn’t be underestimated: the Ultra even comes with an Intel Core i9 13900H, the most powerful mobile processor around. And across the lineup, which includes the Galaxy Book3 Ultra, Book3 Pro 360, and Book3 Pro in multiple screen sizes, Samsung has used processors that balance performance cores or “P-cores” and efficient cores or “E-cores” to have the best ratio between power and battery.

But it’s not just about power and autonomy, the whole range is Intel Evo certified. Something that testifies to the excellent collaboration between the two companies. But which for us who have to shop certifies compliance with several important criteria.

In fact, Intel Evo not only certifies the internal components. But it ensures that there are high performance, long battery life, quality materials, brilliant screens, fast and reliable connections, multi-device connections. The platform integrates solutions such as the new WiFi 6E, battery that lasts the working day, but also sub-second wake-up times, for example.

The Intel team also explains to us that Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra is the first to pass all these tests while having a powerful NVIDIA RTX Geforce 4070 dedicated graphics card for professional-level graphics. We were unable to test battery life due to time constraints, but we were impressed with how thin and light this laptop is: carrying all that power without weighing it in your backpack is really interesting.

Samsung Galaxy Book3 with Intel processors: a complete experience

galaxy book3 samsung min 1

The possibility of testing the Quick Sharing and sharing features of the new Samsung laptops (as well as making us have a special lunch) has allowed us to gradually see that the technical data sheet of a tech product is not enough to be able to evaluate it.

In fact, on paper, we already knew that Samsung’s new laptops would be incredible. The best screens around, the most powerful Intel processors, the Nvidia card for the Ultra. But beyond the hardware is how it is exploited.

The features of the Galaxy ecosystem become more and more useful, with the Galaxy Tab becoming a secondary screen when you’re on the go and Galaxy smartphones that are a natural extension of the PC. But also some interesting Intel features, which for example include a WiFi connection analyzer that allows you to automatically connect to the best and most secure network.

Intel and Samsung have fielded a winning partnership in these premium laptops. Which not only offer maximum power, but also intelligent integration into a mature ecosystem.

You can find more information on Samsung Galaxy Book3 here, while at this address you will find details on the new Intel processors.

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