Samsung Galaxy Tab: official new devices

Samsung introduces the new models in the Galaxy Tab series: Galaxy Tab S7 FE and Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. Let’s find out their characteristics together

Samsung Electronics announced today Galaxy Tab S7 FE e Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, the latest models of the wide portfolio of tablet del brand. Galaxy Tab S7 FE offer ai consumers the better features of Galaxy Tab S7, like thelarge display perfect for entertainment, i creative works and the multi-tasking activities. Galaxy Tab A7 Lite it is instead the ideal solution for users who prefer a compact tablet and suitable formobile use.

“The demand for tablets continues to grow. Whether it’s to study remotely, connect with friends or indulge in entertainment, consumers are looking for devices that can keep up with their busy, creative lifestyle. We are thrilled to provide users with the technology they need to make the most of their days. Galaxy Tab S7 FE and Galaxy Tab A7 Lite are packed with exceptional features designed to meet the daily needs of users. “

– commented Woncheol Tea, Please e Head of Experience Planning Team, Mobile Communications Business di Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Galaxy Tab: official new devices

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: la versione FE

With Galaxy Tab S7 FE, users will have the functionality that amano yet affordable price. Galaxy Tab S7 FE è gifted, in fact, of a large 12.4-inch display, the most sought after feature by consumers, which makes it perfect to bring theentertainment, the productivity and the creativity yet upper level. Thanks to Integrated S Pen in the device and to the powerful battery a long term, Galaxy Tab S7 FE is the ideal companion to reach the highest levels of productivity also in movement, but not only: consolidating expertise achieved with the serie Tab S7, the new model turns out to be a excellent choice to go to meet different consumer needs, give streaming of video content at professional activities, passing through the gaming. The affordable price also makes it the suitable model also to the students and to amore differentiated audience.

When it’s time to return to daily routine, you can always rely on Galaxy Tab S7 FE to reach the maximum of the productivity. The S Pen is included in the box, so you can exploit at most thelarge display and the power of device, to carry out the activities more efficiently. With Samsung Note, it’s possible convert easily written notes by hand on screen in typed text. The notes also remain organized thanks to automatic tags, and the Smart Search function allows you to locate the exact note you need, no matter if typed or handwritten.

Also, if necessary open multiple tabs O applications at the same time, maybe for to conclude a Research or a work project, Galaxy Tab S7 FE manages the operations multi-tasking in manner efficient. Thanks to the Multi-screen function, it is indeed possible to open up to three apps at the same time. This means that it is possible surf the Internet, take notes and watch a video in streaming, all on one single screen. With App Pair, it’s also possible to save e to launch quickly there own combination of favorite apps Thanks to Multi Window, always appear in optimal way, thanks to the broad screen gives 12.4 in.

For users who are always looking to improve the own productivity, Galaxy Tab S7 FE represents the perfect choice. With Samsung DeX and the Book Cover Keyboard is possible use the tablet as a laptop, transforming the UI in a’similar experience to that of PC, to be even more effective e productive in own activities. And thanks to the Second screen function, it can be transformed Galaxy Tab S7 FE in a additional display, alongside the PC for expand its screen, allowing you to carry out even more activities.

When inspiration comes, Galaxy Tab S7 FE delivers all tools for each type of creative flow. Clip Studio Paint and Canva work with S Pen per drawings e smooth and sharp projects. With proof free of 6 months for new users of Clip Studio Paint, it is possible to discover new talents, venturing into digital art. For those who love to take notes, Noteshelf is too even for free, allowing you to create detailed notes e colors that they capture carefully thoughts, also thanks to the S Pen.

With the same finish in shiny metal ed Elegant of the Tab S7 line, Galaxy Tab S7 FE is available in the coloring Mystic Black. Galaxy Tab S7 FE vanta un thin and light profile and has a powerful batteryso you can easily stream video, work and create projects, without the pressure of having to find a power outlet nearby.

Samsung Galaxy Tab: the A7 Lite model

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is the partner of ideal trip to take advantage of contents e games on the move, to a affordable price. With a screen from 8.7 in, enclosed in a custody in elegant metal e resistant, the compact Galaxy Tab A7 Lite è ultraportable. The thin frames around the display and the powerful Dual Speakers with Dolby Atmos they allow to immerse yourself completely when watching a movie or video or playing your favorite video game.

Thanks to internal memory up to 64GB ed expandable until 1TB with a MicroSD card, has a lot of space per any kind of content; and the processor quad-core helps to guarantee that everything works smoothly and quickly. With a long-lasting battery and the 15W fast charging, Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is perfect for to look the new trend show O play on the go. Equipped with a resistant cover in metallo it’s a thin frame, Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is available in color Gray.

Integration with the Galaxy Ecosystem

I nuovi Galaxy Tab S7 FE e Galaxy Tab A7 Lite si integrate perfectly with theecosystem of Galaxy devices, from phone to earphones, configuring itself therefore like the ideal choice for those who wish to have always connected devices between them, having the opportunity to to pass from one to the other in a manner smooth, easy e rapid. It’s possible answer calls, to send e receive messages text via theaccount Samsung on the tablet, even when it is smartphone is out of reach, as well as easily copy and paste text or images between enabled devices. You can also enjoy an easy one transition from navigation on the phone to the display of Galaxy Tab S7 FE e Galaxy Tab A7 Lite tramite Samsung Internet. E se si sta listening to music O watching a video on Galaxy Tab S7 FE or Galaxy Tab A7 Lite and is required answer to one call on a smartphone, and Galaxy Buds can switch automatically to the other device.


Galaxy Tab A7 Lite will be in sale in Italy since July 16, 2021 starting from 169€. Galaxy Tab S7 FE will arrive on the Italian market further on during the year.

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