Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 could redo its look with a new hinge

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 potrebbe rifarsi il look con una nuova cerniera thumbnail

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 it could be different from how we imagined it until now, thanks to a new hinge.

The new hinge of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

According to some rumors circulated since South Korean site NaverSamsung would be thinking of revolutionizing the new Galaxy Z Fold 5 with a teardrop zipperwhich would give the multinational’s folding a more harmonious and elegant closure.

Furthermore, the new hinge should allow the smartphone, when closed, a perfect adherence between the two screens, without however imparting the same force that currently use the U hinges of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and of Z Flip 4.

The multinational, therefore, is ready to experiment following the example of Oppo with the Find N2 e you Motorola with the Third generation Razr.

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Yet teardrop hinges are not a new concept at Samsung. It seems that already in 2016 the multinational had started some patents with this hinge, but for currently undisclosed reasons it would have shelved the project.

Probably, according to some leakers, the decision would have depended on the desire to achieve a degree of water resistance equal to IPX8, a milestone achieved only in 2021 with the first Fold and Flip. So very soon we will be able to see the new Galaxy Fold with a drop hinge and a screen created by the company’s Display division that is more performing and with greater durability.

No less important, the degree of water resistance IPX8 could represent a considerable advantage over direct competitors such as Oppo and Motorola, which do not have it. In this way Samsung should ensure a much larger slice of consumers and maintain its dominance in the market smartphone pieghevoli.

In fact, last year alone, the company reportedly sold approx 10 million foldable smartphones.

However, it still remains to be clarified whether the teardrop hinge will also be extended to the Galaxy Flip line, which currently still has the classic U hinge.