Samsung Gaming Hub expands its offering and launches Antstream Arcade and Blacknut

Samsung Gaming Hub amplia la propria offerta e lancia Antstream Arcade e Blacknut thumbnail

Samsung Electronics announces the release of Anstream Arcade e Blacknut. They enter the ranks of Samsung partners in all respects within the platform Samsung Gaming Hub. Samsung Smart TV and Smart Monitor users will have access to over 3,000 games in this one. Gamers of all ages will be able to easily find content and applications that are right for them, choosing from the best video game streaming partners in the industry. Including Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna and Utomik over 1,400 classic retro arcade games on Antstream Arcade, over 500 premium games for the whole family and exclusive titles on Blacknut.

Samsung Gaming Hub: cos’è Antestream Arcade

Antstream Arcade is the world’s largest cloud retrogaming service offering gamers access to over 1,400 classic games and 500 mini-challenges. Play classic arcade games like “Pac-Man”, “Galaga”, “Dig Dug” and “Double Dragon” through your Smart TV or monitor via the Samsung Gaming Hub.

Antstream Arcade is currently offering 12 months of access to the platform for €12. Depending on the region, a significant discount for playing the platform’s extensive catalog of retro games.

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Samsung Gaming Hub offers the Blacknut service

Blacknut is an online video game streaming service that gives you instant access to hundreds of video games. With a monthly subscription, gamers have access to more than 500 premium titles suitable for the whole family. But also five profiles they can access at the same time and a library of games available on all screens.

Blacknut offers a huge selection of games for all types of gamers, from the beginner to the more expert, in every part of the globe. The catalog includes famous hits such as Metro Exodus and Overcooked 1 and 2, and offers European users an entire collection of Disney videogames exclusively. The latest additions to the May 2023 international catalog are TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2 and Tour de France 2022. They offer Samsung users the same immersive experience as a live race on television.

For Samsung customers only, Blacknut – now included in the Samsung Gaming Hub – offers new users 15 day free trial to browse the catalogue. But also try the over 500 premium video games in a shortlist of Samsung TVs 2021, 2022 and 2023.

The Blacknut library aims to please all users, providing a wide choice of titles, from classic AAA games to the best indies, narrative adventures, strategy games and the largest collection of sports and racing video games.

Designed and equipped with optional parental controls, Blacknut offers a large catalog even for the most gamers young. Thanks to a separate, pin-protected profile, junior players can choose from a variety of options, including Outright Games’ big adventures based on children’s favorite cartoons (Paw Patrol, Gigantosaurus and more), for immersive fun the whole family.

With one of the largest accesses to unlimited gaming content on TV, users will be able to sync up to 4 Bluetooth controllers to play against each other in co-op, party and multi-location content: whether users want to play together or alone, on Blacknut there is something for all tastes.


Antstream Arcade and Blacknut are available to owners of a roster of TV Samsung 2021, 2022 e 2023. For 2022 TVs and 2021 TVs with updated software on sale in markets where the Samsung Gaming Hub is not available, users can find apps from Samsung gaming partners in the TV’s App Store.

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