Samsung Gauss è il modello di Intelligenza Artificiale Generativa di Samsung thumbnail

Samsung Gauss is Samsung’s Generative Artificial Intelligence model

Samsung Gauss is Samsung's Generative Artificial Intelligence model thumbnail

Samsung has revealed its model to the public Generative Artificial Intelligencecalled Samsung Gaussduring an event dedicated to AI held in Seoul, South Korea. It is a technology that allows you to create and modify various types of content, such as texts, codes and images, starting from a simple description or example The name Samsung Gauss is not accidental.

In fact it is a tribute to the German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, considered one of the fathers of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Gauss is in fact the creator of the Theory of Normal Distribution, also known as Gaussian, which is the basis of many algorithms and Artificial Intelligence models.

The applications of Samsung Gauss, Samsung’s Artificial Intelligence

Samsung Gauss is the result of years of research and development by Samsung Research, Samsung’s research and innovation center. At the moment, Samsung Gauss is only used internally by Samsung employees, but will soon be made available to the public through the company’s future products. Samsung Gauss consists of three main models: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code e Samsung Gauss Image.

  • Samsung Gauss Language it is a model that understands natural language and generates appropriate responses. It can be used to facilitate the work of those who write, translate, edit or summarize documents, but also to offer intelligent control of devices. It can work both online and offline, ensuring data privacy. It is, in fact, a ChatGPT-style chatbot.
  • Samsung Gauss Code is a model that deals with programming languages. It has a code assistant, called ‘code.i’, which helps developers write and test code quickly and interactively. It can generate code from a description or a test case.
  • Samsung Gauss Image it is a model that manipulates images. It can change the style, resolution and content of an image, but also create completely new images from a text description. It is similar to Dall-E, the Generative Artificial Intelligence model created by OpenAI.

When will it arrive for users?

Samsung Gauss could debut on Samsung’s next smartphones, the series Galaxy S24which is expected to launch in January 2024.

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