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Samsung HBM-PIM: the most advanced “neural” memory ever?

It’s called Samsung HBM-PIM, and it’s the neural memory that will take care of different tasks in the future, including AI and HPC in different fields

We have told you some time about memory Samsung HBM-PIMan innovative Chip produced by the Asian giant which is aimed at an ambitious public to use artificial intelligence as a key mechanism for growth and innovation. Samsung has not been alone in this journey, in fact a faithful travel companion he was AMD, with whom he collaborated closely to implement accelerators Instinct MI100 with Samsung memory.

The memory will be used not only for high-profile computational calculations, but also to require a lower level of performance from the entire rest of the system, in fact the Chip in question will be able to guarantee by itself a great level of performance and calculations, thanks to the Chiplet structure. To date, Samsung has significantly improved the structure of the chiplet, with the addition – instead of the classic one High Bandwidth Memory – a new solution designed to integrate “on board” different structures designed to perform advanced artificial intelligence tasks. Therefore less and less a memory, and more and more a much more advanced product.

Samsung HBM-PIM: the most advanced "neural" memory ever? Samsung HBM-PIM: the most advanced "neural" memory ever?

Samsung HBM-PIM: the most advanced “neural” memory ever?

This latest implementation is called PIM, and it is precisely the system responsible for the performance increase at the architectural level, this system will be crucial in improving the communication between the CPU and the memory department. In this operation AMD played an important rolein fact he put his memory to the test on a commercial accelerator, i.e. an Instinct MI100, to which, inserted in a cluster, he was given several loads of IA by HPC.

The information therefore does not make a passage between CPU and Memory, but they are directly pre-processed from memory and then sent to the CPU which will retrieve the information and complete the processing.

Samsung HBM-PIM: the most advanced "neural" memory ever? Samsung HBM-PIM: the most advanced "neural" memory ever?

Speaking instead of pure performance, comparing this system with the more traditional ones, which rely only on HBM memories, we are talking about a 50% net in terms of performancewith a performance increase of 2.5 times against a consumption drop of 2.67 times compared to traditional accelerators, these are the specifications that Choi Chang-kyu, himself, head of theAI Research Center del Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) he said during an interview.

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