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Samsung: introduces the new era of MicroLED technology

Samsung Electronics presents the new era of MicroLED technology at ISE 2022, the new models of The Wall introduce extraordinary technological innovations

Samsung Electronics presents the future of technology MicroLED at the fair Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022 of Barcelonawhere it introduces new versatile displays, in particular three new models from The Wall.

Hyesung HaExecutive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics said:

MicroLED technology will define the future of display innovation. From the luxury sector to hospitality and up to the world of travel, the MicroLED has infinite potential that allows companies to achieve ever better results. ISE is the largest trade show of its kind in the world and we are thrilled to unveil our expanded line-up of The Wall here. The Wall’s next-generation technology has benefits that exceed all expectations, transforming businesses and paving the way for new opportunities.

Samsung: introduces the new era of MicroLED technology

The Wall 2022

This year, at ISE, Samsung will unveil the 2022 model of The Wall (IWB model), an innovative display MicroLED modular offering experiences of immersive visualization on a screen of large format high resolution. The IWB model will be available in pixel pitch versions of 0.63 and 0.94 mm, in The Wall line-up, the 0.63mm pitch becomes the more reduced absolutely. The new display is now preorderable worldwide.

The ‘micro pixel pitch’ of the IWB guarantees an even more image detailed from Samsung and a wider dynamic range with a frame rate of 120 Hz, HDR10/10+ e LED HDR. After installation, The Wall offers a large variety of screen sizes, allowing you to watch movies in 4K on 110 inches until you reach the incredible resolution 8K on 220 inches, to satisfy any need of consumers and companies. This resolution capability is optimized by a powerful processor Microphone AI (artificial intelligence), which analyze instantly every second of content and optimizes image quality while eliminating noise.

Increased cabinet size

The overall dimensions of the cabinets have increasedlike this companies and consumers they will only be able to install four cabinets to configure the display UHDcarrying out the operations in a more way fast and efficient.

The enhancement of the display cabinet enhances these large, high-resolution displays and more improves quality mechanics for an immersive visualization, also perfecting the adjustment of the junction points. Installation times are therefore shorter, with significant advantages for companies compared to LED signage traditional.

The Wall also boasts a leading technology of the sector. First of all, with Multi ViewThe Wall allows you to play up to four sources simultaneously on a single screen, without requiring others splitter for displaying dynamic content. Added to this is technology Black Seal integrated into the display to create a uniform canvas that gives purer black levels, with a very thin reflective film that minimizes reflections from external light.

Furthermore, with an elaboration a 20 bitThe Wall features stunning image quality and a smooth viewing experience, supported by a peak brightness of 2.000 nit for ever greater clarity.

Samsung: introduces the new era of MicroLED technology

The Wall All-in-One: Practical and innovative installation

Another series that will be presented this year in Barcelona is The Wall All-in-One (IAB model), available in three different models: 146-inch 4K, 146-inch 2K and 110-inch 2K. The innovation of this incredible latest generation display is not limited to the visual experience, but also embraces the installation. The standard resolution of The Wall All-in-One is 16:9 format. The product, for sale Online onlywill be available worldwide after ISE 2022.

The most innovative feature of The Wall All-in-One is the convenience of installationperformed thanks to junction points pre-adjusted and to apre-assembled mounting kit‘. This kit simplifies the whole process by making it similar to that of a home TV, and includes the built-in decorative frame of the 16: 9 aspect ratio display and a player for Integrated S-boxwhich also reduces the total cost of ownership.

The Wall All-in-One veste di un elegant design a display of suns 49 mm thick, which become 59 mm in the final installation, measured from the wall to the screen. This design infinity ultrasottile Bezel-less provides a direct input connection to the screen without the need for a separate device, for a clean and convenient setup.

Furthermore, in addition to processing a 20 bitto technology Black Seal and the processor Microphone AItwo screens can be installed side by side 146-inch 4K to create a separable 32: 9 aspect ratio and thus enjoy excellent quality images on an entire wall.

Samsung: introduces the new era of MicroLED technology

A line-up of versatile displays projected into a new era

In addition to industry-leading MicroLED technology, Samsung will also be showcasing brand new display category products at ISE that meet the ever-changing needs of the new era we are experiencing. The latest line-up expresses Samsung’s continued innovation in creating solutions that include a comunicazione contactless and functions of advanced security.

Samsung’s latest 2022 line-up for external (model OHA 55 ” and 75 ”) has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for outdoor visibility, while the slim composition allows for easy installation and long-term performance with a certified level of protection IP56. Thanks to’durable hardware and at high performancemodel OHA it can be used in a wide variety of situations. One use case is electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, which are increasingly in demand in the face of the continued spread of these vehicles around the world.

The new Samsung Flip Pro 2022

In education, Samsung continues to support hybrid learning experiences with innovative products and solutions. The new Samsung Flip Pro 2022 (WMB model), available in two large sizes from 75’’ e 85’’is an interactive whiteboard that can offer a teachers and students a greater ease of use and functionality specific to meet ever new educational needs.

Samsung Flip Pro recently saw the addition of a connectivity USB Type-Cwhich provides integrated video control and power (65W charging), while industry-leading touch latency and multi-touch capabilities enable simultaneous collaboration up to 20 people. Among the novelties also the intuitive control panel, brightness control sensors and four front and rear speakers, which enhance the overall classroom experience and foster communication. perfectly smooth video in a remote or hybrid learning environment.

Finally, thanks to SmartView+ can be connected to the display at the same time up to 50 devices in mode wirelessand get a multiple view up to four screensan ideal solution for larger meeting rooms and digitized classrooms. Technology works in background and smoothly, making the product easy to use for both teachers and students.

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