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Samsung is partner of the new MI AMI Festival 2022

Samsung announced his presence at the MI AMI Festival 2022, organized by Rockit and Better Days. The company will be a partner of the event and will be able to count on a dedicated stage, named for the occasion hillock Galaxy Buds2. Here are the details about the event:

Samsung is sponsor of the MI AMI Festival 2022

Il new MI AMI Festival 2022 is scheduled at the Circolo Magnolia in Milan. The event will take place on May 27, 28 and 29. For the occasion, Samsung will be a partner of the event and will be able to count on the dedicated stage, called the hill Galaxy Buds2. The stage will welcome over 20 artists and will give space to the young talents of Gen Z. At the center of the partnership are the Galaxy Buds2, Samsung’s earphones designed to be used all day thanks to the high comfort guaranteed. The 2022 edition of the festival will be characterized by the claim “Human irrational, magical animal”. Over 90 artists will participate in the three days. The line-up will be particularly varied allowing all participants to fully experience their favorite music.

The company comment

Davide Costanzo, Head of Marcom of the telephony division of Samsung Electronics Italia, declares: “Music and technology have always gone hand in hand and, together, they are a winning combination. Technological devices, like music, are in fact fundamental elements of our daily life: in addition to allowing us to communicate and keep in touch with each other, they are essential tools for expressing one’s creativity and entertaining oneself. For this reason, being a partner of the MI AMI Festival 2022 is a source of great satisfaction for Samsung, which has always been close to talent and music, also thanks to products such as the Galaxy Buds2 earphones, which in a big party like this cannot be missing ” .

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