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Samsung is working on a smartphone repair app

Samsung wants to make DIY smartphone repairs easier. To achieve this goal, the Korean house, which has already launched the Self Repair program, could be working on one new app designed to help users with repairsthe. The confirmation comes from a trademark. Here are the details:

Samsung could launch an app to make DIY repairs easier

Samsung’s new project was anticipated today by a trademark filed by the Korean company. Samsung is working on un’app chiamata Self Repair Assistant. The application in question is supposed to help users in Galaxy smartphone repairs.

At the moment, there is no precise information on the functioning of this app which could arrive, however, already in the coming weeks. Users, most likely, could access all the information material necessary for the repairs of their Samsung smartphone directly through the app.

Samsung has already launched a program for simplify repairs of its devices and, apparently, seems willing to continue investing in this sector. We will know more, of course, over the next few weeks. The application in question could be released worldwide and allow users to carry out repairs (perhaps by purchasing dedicated kits provided by the company itself) of Galaxy devices.

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