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Samsung launches a new 200MP camera sensor

Samsung and Sony are fighting a real battle to conquer the mobile camera sensor market. In fact, in these hours, Samsung announced ISOCELL HPXa new 200 MP sensor. Although we still don’t know which smartphone will use the company’s new product. In the meantime we wait to know, let’s discover the sensor more closely.

Samsung ISOCELL HPX, the new 200 MP sensor

Samsung ISOCELL HPX is the sensor capable of supporting zoom without data loss. Even when reduced by up to four times, it can still produce 12MP photos. The company, in fact, explained that the DTI technology separates each Pixel individually, increasing the sensitivity to capture clear and vivid images. Also, compared to its predecessors, this sensor has a 12% smaller size, which results in a reduction of the camera module area by 20%. The result? Smartphones slimmer in design and improved in the photographic sector.

In addition, through the 16 Pixel integration technology, Samsung ISOCELL HPX can automatically switch between 3 lighting modes according to the light conditions:

  • in an environment well litthe pixel size remains at 0.56μm (200 MP)
  • if the environment enjoys poor lightingit converts the Pixel to 1.12μm (50 MP)
  • in a dark environmentfinally, we move on to the dimension of 2.24μm (12,5MP).

As you can imagine, this technology allows Samsung’s sensor to provide a good shooting experience under conditions poor lighting. Indeed, it seems that this will allow him to resolve the weaknesses of the night shooting. Additionally, ISOCELL HPX allows users to record 8K video at 30fps, dual HDR in 4K, and FHD mode. Finally, the sensor can render images with over 4 trillion colors (14-bit color depth), which is 64 times the 68 billion colors (12-bit color depth) of Samsung’s previous lens. An improvement that does not go unnoticed.

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