Samsung launches the BESPOKE Infinite Line refrigerators to combine top aesthetics and functions

Samsung annuncia al CES 2023 i frigoriferi BESPOKE Infinite Line, per coniugare estetica e funzioni al top thumbnail

In the first half of this year Samsung will introduce the new range of frigoriferi BESPOKE Infinite Line, a premium range that includes fridge, freezer and wine cellar, with a modern and timeless design which, thanks to their modularity, integrate perfectly with any decor. This is what was announced during CES 2023 held these days in Las Vegas.

Samsung, the BESPOKE Infinite Line refrigerators: the characteristics

“Every new addition to the Bespoke line-up introduces new consumers to the pleasure of living a personalized experience. Combining high quality materials and modular design, the BESPOKE Infinite Line refrigerator applies the Bespoke trademark, synonymous with customization, to a premium range refrigerator, offering an unprecedented mix of style and performance.”

he has declared Junhwa Lee, EVP and Head of Customer Experience Team of the Digital Appliances Business Samsung Electronics.

The exterior of BESPOKE Infinite Line refrigerators is in premium aluminum scratch and dent resistant and easy to clean from fingerprints and smudges. The interior is bright and refined: the Black Metal Cooling and Tunnel Lighting systems bear witness to the elegant balance between form and function of this product.

The panel Black Metal Coolingapplied to walls and doors, as well as giving a sense of depth and an elegant appearance, helps to preserve food better and longer because it quickly compensates for sudden changes in temperature.

The lights Tunnel Lighting, however, embellish edges and shelves and allow you to see without difficulty in every point of the refrigerator. An impactful interior, where space is certainly not lacking. The fridge and freezer have a combined capacity of 805 litres, while the wine cellar can hold up to 101 bottles.

Practicality in the kitchen

BESPOKE Infinite Line offers a series of functions that focus on practicality. The new door Auto Open it has a sensor on the side that opens it instantly with a touch. Convenient for when your hands are busy or dirty while cooking. The integrated sensor in the door eliminates the cumbersome presence of the handle with a trendy and minimalist look.

The BPA-free jug with Autofill function it is dishwasher safe and allows you to quench your thirst with fresh filtered water. There is also an integrated infuser to fill with fruit or flavorings of your choice for delicious flavored drinks. There is also an ice dispenser Dual Auto Ice Maker.

Incomparable fresh food

The BESPOKE Infinite Line refrigerator allows flexible temperature management to simultaneously store different foods, all in optimal conditions, always keeping them fresh and inviting.

The wine cellarwith technology Triple Temparature Zone, puts the same optimization system at the service of wine. With three different zones and the possibility of precisely controlling the temperature, it is possible to store different bottles at the same time, each under the most suitable conditions, to serve them at their best.

L’SmartThings integration

Anyone who owns a BESPOKE Infinite Line refrigerator will be able to enjoy more complete culinary experiences with the support of SmartThings Sommelier at Home. This is a section of the SmartThings app that analyzes bottle labels and suggests the best storage conditions. Not only that: if synchronized with SmartThings Cookingthe service also recommends food pairings.

In the end, SmartThings Energy, allows you to have real-time data on the energy consumption of the refrigerator, as well as advice to reduce your carbon footprint and also save money.