Samsung may launch generative AI like ChatGPT on Galaxy s24

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All the biggest companies try to exploit it in the best possible way generative AI like ChatGPT and similar. Samsung was no exception: a few weeks ago she announced that her Galaxy S24 will be equipped with this type of technology. Let’s see in detail how he intends to structure it.

Samsung launches the Galaxy S24 with generative AI

It seems that from next year it will be possible to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S24 with built-in generative AI such as ChatGPT or similar. If this model does not have integrated technology, it will certainly be another model because Samsung, like other companies, has understood how fundamental this type of technology is.

According to some reports, the Galaxy S24 will be presented at the beginning of January. This is Samsung’s flagship model and is the best choice to get AI on your device like ChatGPT next year. But also the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, which will ship to mid-2024are potential devices to revolutionize Samsung’s first generative artificial intelligence products.

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How artificial intelligence will work on the smartphone

Samsung AI phones will offer ChatGPT-like functionality without connecting to an external cloud. This is a key feature because it can improve user privacy when it comes to AI products. Processing AI requests on the device means that user data does not have to reach Samsung’s servers.

Also, have aGenerative artificial intelligence on your device means you don’t need to be connected to Internet for artificial intelligence to work. So this means that the software will not be able to offer answers based on Internet access.

Not only Samsung wants to use the new technology

Generative AI has also been targeted by other companies such as Googlewhich launched the chatbot Bard also for your smartphones Pixel 8.

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