La recensione del televisore Samsung Neo QLED 4K: la magia visiva della tecnologia QLED thumbnail

Samsung Neo QLED 4K TV review: the visual magic of QLED technology

A few months have passed since the arrival of the new ones in Italy Samsung QLED TVs but in no time the new Samsung TV series is setting new standards of quality. With an attractive design and advanced technology, the new televisions are conquering an ever-increasing slice of the public, managing to adapt to any need. We have tried for you the new Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV and we have tested it properly to find out if the QLED quality is really that advanced, let’s find out in this one review.

Our review of the Samsung QN90B Neo QLED

We had the new one on trial Samsung QN90B Neo 55 ″ QLED with HDR technology, 4K support e Dolby Atmos. On paper it would seem a great TV like many on the market but this is just the spearhead!

Let’s start with order.


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The 55 ″ Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV comes in a elegant and minimalist design typical of the company for a total of 1227.4 x 705.6 mm in size and just 25.9 mm in thickness. Also included in the package is one metal base 300 x 235.6. The base fits on the back of the TV with four practical screws and is characterized by a sinuous line that guarantees solid stability without being too bulky.

The important dimensions of the 55 ″ are softened by the Boldness design that makes it extremely thin and able to fit perfectly with the surrounding environment. The Display with 3,840 x 2,160 resolution has very fine edges for an all-round view of the screen. On the back we find instead, arranged laterally, the various connectors which amount to 4 HDMI inputs, 2 USB, one Ethernet input, one digital audio output and antenna input.

The package also includes a convenient and practical remote control, the power cable and a guide.


Samsung QLED review

The magic of the Samsung QN90B Neo QLED happens inside and manifests itself in one truly exhilarating video and audio quality. First of all, the aforementioned Samsung’s HDR technology, now a true standard of Samsung TVs. Thanks to the use of the neural processor and the pixel autoilluminantiHDR technology returns gods enhanced light levels resulting in more vivid colors regardless of the brightness of the scene.

The big news of the new Neo QLED series is in the advance Quantum Matrix technology in support of Samsung’s innovative Quantum Mini LEDs, it is a series of micro-layers inside each LED able to eliminate the noise between one LED and another. This translates into an accurate management of the light to enjoy every scene, even the poorly lit ones. All of Samsung’s QLED technology is based on the Processor Neo Quantum 4K company-owned based on the deep learning. Scene after scene, the processor optimizes the viewing conditions automatically giving us the best possible quality. Furthermore, the 4K AI Upscaling system always ensures maximum resolution up to 4K.

Speaking of light, it is impossible not to mention the Samsung display anti-glare technology which has made a leap forward compared to previous models, already at the forefront. Thanks to this technology it is possible to enjoy a movie or a game of video games without worrying too much about the sunlight or any other source of light that could cause disturbance.

Video quality

The latest advances in technology contribute to the achievement of truly exceptional video quality. In addition to the innovations we have seen previously, Samsung NEO QLED TVs also use the Real Depth Enhancera technology capable of processing the depth of images by simulating the functions of the human eye, thus increasing the contrast in the foreground.

In addition, thanks to a TV screen with a 4K resolution and a 144 Hz refresh ratetechnology Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro delivers class-leading performance, generating crystal clear images.

Audio quality

In terms of audio, we have support for the Dolby Atmos which, thanks to the new speakers from Samsung, give us an exceptional multidimensional audio. We can also use certain equalizers and preset modes to tailor the audio to what we’re watching, whether it’s a movie, documentary, or playing video games.

Samsung QLED review: a TV to be played

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Precisely on this point it is necessary to dedicate a paragraph to itself as far as it is concerned the Samsung QN90B Neo QLED lends itself exceptionally to the world of gaming. This is also thanks to technology is FreeSync Premium Pro certified AMD which allows you to eliminate annoying tearing and stuttering during our games to make the most of the atmosphere of the Single Player and excel (hopefully!) in competitive video games.

To this is also added one mode designed exclusively for gaming that in addition to automatically selecting the best video and audio quality available, updates the settings menu as happens, for example, in smartphones. In addition to an attractive design, we now find new settings relating to the input delay, the specific image quality for the genre of video game you are playing, the management of FPS and so on.

The news in video games have earned the TVs of the Neo QLED series important awards from the gaming world.

A renewed layout

Among the novelties we also find a Refurbished HUB that goes to characterize all Samsung TVs released this year. We are facing a Layout that, although it has not been revolutionized, is increasingly focused on 360 ° entertainment, with the most famous streaming services and a rich and constantly updated collection of recommended films and TV series. To this we will add our habits. In fact, the system adapts to our tastes, to the most used apps or to consoles and connected devices.

To this will be added hopefully soon the previously announced Samsung Gaming Hub that we can’t wait to discover.

Our Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV review

For this review, we tested the Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV for about a month during which we used it for watching movies, TV series and of course for gaming. Let’s start immediately by saying that the TV has proved to be a real design object. The elegant and minimalist style make it perfect to adapt to any style of furniture by blending with it and accentuating its shapes.

Positioning the TV is not easy and you will necessarily have to get help from another person. Although, due to its size, the TV does not weigh much (we are talking about 20 kg), attaching the metal base could be challenging. Once you have done this and connected the TV to the mains and to the internet, you are ready to get the best from both a visual and audio point of view. The technology within it that we explored in the previous paragraphs creates a incredible mix of bright colors, vivid images and in high quality. Despite our experience with smart TVs, we have rarely been as stunned as with this Neo QLED.

The new HUB allows you to easily access the most interesting contents, the most famous streaming services but also new apps in the main “store”. In addition, the handy remote control has already preset the buttons for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ e Samsung TV Plus.

One way for everyone

We particularly liked the amount of smart mode, both audio and video, pre-setting that will allow you to easily choose the best quality for what you are doing with Samsung’s Neo QLED. Not only dynamic lights and colors but also energy saving modes, gaming mode and so on. And if you are too undecided, leave it to the Intelligent Mode which will automatically choose the best for you and your eyes.

These are modes that are not new in the most recent televisions but that somehow make it easier and faster to manage the audio and video quality even if we are not able to understand all the characteristics or the various acronyms. The differences are obvious and extremely pleasant.

Samsung’s QN90B Neo QLED review in brief

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Let’s be honest, in a month of use, we couldn’t find a fault with this amazing TV. The ease of use is matched only by the great quality of images it returns, fresh water for the eyes. The innovations introduced and the various modes are not simple changes of color or tone, but real transformations that adapt perfectly to what you are doing or looking at at that moment.

Whether you are a fan of movies, TV series or video games, the Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV has made quality democratic, adapting it to all needs with the push of a button.

Price and availability

The Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV is now available at a price of approximately € 1999.99.

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