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Samsung, no seamless update also for Galaxy S22

Samsung brought the updates on Android four years, promising frequent updates over a long period. But also for the series Galaxy S22 has decided not to implement ‘seamless updates’, which allow you not to have to wait during updates.

Samsung Galaxy S22, niente seamless update

For some years Android has been able to perform seamless updates: the operating system installs the background updates, to then apply the changes on the first reboot. This allows you to optimize times, avoiding having to wait a long time for the installation of updates. Seamless updates are possible thanks to the A / B partition on the phone.

Already in 2020 it is believed that Google wanted to make these updates mandatory. But Galaxy S21 didn’t want to use this feature and the same goes for the new Galaxy S22 series of smartphones. Google continues to deem the virtual A / B partition as optional. Although on his page for Google Mobile Services he says it’s a requirement.

samsung galaxy s22

Also this year no partition, as verified by those of 9to5Google. Strange news, given that seamless updates have been available since 2016 with Android 7.1. In theory, the Galaxy S8s could already have exploited this feature. Which shouldn’t consume too many system resources, especially in devices like Samsung’s top-of-the-range, which have lots of RAM and snappy processors.

We cannot explain why Samung does not take this decision. Even if we understand why Google do not put pressure to what is perhaps his most important partner, with whom he also develops software closely. The only sure thing is that even in the Galaxy S22 series there will be a need to wait longer after an update: the first reboot will install all the updates. Also for this year, no seamless update.

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