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Samsung patents a smartwatch with a built-in projector

A new patent of Samsung show one smartwatch with a built-in projector, which projects onto the back of your hand. A novelty that perhaps one day could arrive on the next Galaxy Watch.

Samsung patents a projector smartwatch

Samsung launched one now a decade ago smartphone with a built-in projector, although this technology has not had the hoped-for success. Now the Korean company seems willing to do the same – with smartwatches.

This suggests the patent that the company has filed for. The goal appears to be to expand the ability to expand the ability to project to the back of the hand using a projector built into the Samsung Galaxy Watch. The goal is to convey hand information to make the information easier to read.

samsung smartwatch with built-in projector min

It appears that the tip of the projector incorporates several lenses and LED emitters aligned in an arc shape. It will be able to project the mirroring of the main watch screen, or project images and videos on the back of the hand. But according to what is written on the patent, it also allows you to “display information other than that displayed on the display module”.

The patent also describes several use cases, such as the projection of multimedia content. To best do this, the LEDs inside the projector on the samsung watch would be then able to adjust their brightness and focal length very quickly.

As always when it comes to patents, there’s a chance it will never come to a commercial exit. We may never see this smartwatch with the projector in the stores next to the other Galaxy, but there is a possibility that this technology may one day come to our wrist.

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