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Samsung reduces target for smartphone shipments in 2022

According to a report from Korea, Samsung would have reduced the goal of smartphone shipments for the 2022. A response to the general trend of the smartphone market, down 9% in the last quarter. But the numbers remain huge: instead of 300 million units, it will ship to stores “only” 260 million smartphones.

Samsung reduces smartphone shipments target for 2022

The Korean newspaper TheElec, well informed on the world of Samsung, reports that the company has decided to further reduce the smartphone production target for 2022. If before the beginning of this year it had set a target of produce 334 million units, 284 million of which produced in its own facilities and 50 million produced in China.

Instead, the company now aims to produce 34 million units between October and November, much less than last year. This will lead the target to 260 million for the whole year. Only 10 million more than in 2020, when the pandemic slowed down the entire economic sector. In 2021 it produced 300 million to ship 270 million, a better result than the target it now sets.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 colors

Although the sales of the flagship of the Galaxy S line and the brand new folding smartphones of the Galaxy X line are fine, things for the mid and low end are not quite as rosy. Fault of a decrease in demand, also due to the weight of inflation in the pockets of consumers. But also for problems related to supply chain.

The entire smartphone market is lowering production and shipping targets for this year. The only one who does not seem to suffer from the crisis is Apple, which confirms the production target of 90 million iPhone 14 as last year. But this also depends on the fact that the Apple produces above all high-end smartphonewhich, like Samsung, are feeling less of the backlash of inflation.

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