Samsung annuncia il lancio della nuova gamma di lavastoviglie Serie 7 JetClean thumbnail

Samsung Series 7 JetClean, the new range of dishwashers

Samsung Electronics Italia announces today the launch of the new range of JetClean Series 7 built-in dishwasher, available on the Italian market with advanced performance, Wi-Fi connectivity and Artificial Intelligence to allow energy saving, consumption control and also remote management, thanks to integration with the SmartThings application. The Series 7 JetClean range also stands out for its modular design which allows you to adapt the internal arrangement of the dishes according to people’s needs.

High energy efficiency for reduced consumption per Samsung Serie 7 JetClean

At a time of strong attention towards controlling consumption and the impact on the environment, Samsung has created a range that aims to offer high performance also in terms of energy saving: Serie 7 JetCleanin fact, it is a range that includes various models in different energy classes, up to A-10% which uses 7.9 liters of water for a wash cycle.

Furthermore, by activating the AI Energy mode it is possible to obtain further energy savings of up to 23%, possible thanks to artificial intelligence which allows the dishwasher to learn from our habits and optimize every single wash.

Furthermore, thanks to SmartThings, the Samsung application for managing the home ecosystem, you can then monitor consumption in real time and receive monthly reports on the progress of the product.

Control within reach of a smartphone of the Samsung Series 7 JetClean dishwasher

The connection with SmartThings makes the use of the dishwasher customizable, allowing you to select, directly from the application, the most suitable washing cycles for different needs, as in the case of baby dishes. SmartThings also allows you to find the most suitable program for washing, for example, pots and pans and much more.

Furthermore, the application allows you to conveniently set and view the cycle and the progress of the washing program on your smartphone, even remotely, receiving notifications at the end of the wash, but also alerts in the event of faults or malfunctions which can be immediately communicated to the assistance center.

Excellent performance for mirrored cutlery and perfectly clean and dry crockery

Series 7 JetClean is equipped with WaterJetClean which thanks to the lightning bolt design allows the water to flow, via a powerful jet, more uniformly into every area of ​​the dishwasher while maintaining effectiveness even at low temperatures.

He takes care of the drying Drycarea system that allows the dishwasher door to automatically open to let steam escape when the internal temperature reaches 50°: this ensures that excess steam is expelled efficiently, optimizing drying and preventing any damage to the top of the dishwasher. Kitchen.

Modular design and silence, to hear only the clean sound

The versatility of the new range is evident thanks to the customizable internal design and flexible baskets that allow the available space to be adapted to the different needs of consumers, offering optimal internal organization for each load of crockery. Series 7 JetClean can accommodate up to 14 place settings, ideal for convivial moments.

Washing with Series 7 JetClean is also silent. In addition to being designed to keep noise to a minimum, the new range has a program Extra Silence for a slightly slower wash, but with a sound equal to 38db. To cite a comparison, the noise emitted is even lower than that of a library.

Discounts not to be missed

On the occasion of the launch, Samsung announces a new promotion: from Friday 16 February to Saturday 20 April 2024 whoever purchases a Samsung dishwasher in classes A-10%, A, B, C or D in the best electronics or kitchen stores will receive one as a gift smartphone Samsung Galaxy A25 5G to appreciate even more all the potential that connectivity can offer to make the domestic routine increasingly smarter and simpler.

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