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Samsung: smart appliances are better for spring cleaning

Samsung decided to ask their own community about Instagram the approach taken with respect to spring cleaning, finding that they, the smart appliances.

The Samsung study conducted on Instagram

Let’s face it, we all hate dust, but at the same time getting rid of it is the worst activity for 62% of respondents to the Samsung survey, followed by hanging clothes (21%) and laundry (17%).

So how do you best approach cleaning? The 93% of respondents according to the Samsung survey, he would be inclined to use smart appliances as a valid aid to shorten the time spent cleaning. For the 64% I’m there right push to create a real routinebecause technology allows you to always have high performance, reducing the time to devote to household chores.

In fact, Samsung noted, it’s just the factor tempo to be decisive in cleaning: for half of the respondents, its lack is the number one excuse to avoid housekeeping. Furthermore, wanting to quantify it, the 45% spend more than two hours cleaning their home, 40% less than two hours and only 16% spend more than four hours on household chores.

And what about the favorite tool to get the cleaning done right away?

More than half of the survey participants would choose the robot vacuum cleanerfollowed by washing machine (27%), dishwasher (15%) and less than 10% the dryer.

The proposal on smart home appliances from Samsung

If in first place we find the robot vacuum cleaner, Samsung has thought of the right product: JetBot AI+the Intel® Certified AI powered robot vacuum cleaner, and the LiDAR sensoruseful for detecting the distance from objects and walls and tracing a path to move with precision.

The robot is also equipped with a 3D sensor to recognize the difference between objects and the floor plan of the house.

The advanced digital inverter of JetBot AI+ features 30W system suction power Jet Cyclone, capturing both dust in the air and dirt on the floor. Furthermore, once the cleaning session is completed, JetBot AI+ automatically returns to its Clean Station™which allows you to remove dust from the tank using “Air Pulse” technology.

With the app Samsung SmartThingsJetBot AI+ also allows remote control to schedule cleaning or set no-go zones on the house map.

As for the washing machine, Samsung proposes BESPOKE FOOD™with a 11kg capacity in just 60cm deep, thanks to the SpaceMax™ technology.

The entire BESPOKE AI range 11 kg, offers convenience and efficiency, allowing consumers to save energy, water and detergent, thanks to artificial intelligence Ecobubble™which reduces up to 70% the energy consumption of the washing machine.

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