Samsung started producing 3nm chips by beating TSMC

Samsung started producing 3nm chips by beating TSMC

Samsung anticipates the rival TSMC and starts the production of chips with a 3 nm production process. The new production process developed by Samsung will guarantee better performance and a sharp drop in energy consumption. Note that, unlike Samsung, TSMC is expected to start mass production of the 3nm chips only during the second half of 2022. Here are the details on Samsung’s new project:

Samsung starts production of the first 3nm processors

According to data provided by Samsung, the new 3 nm production process is more efficient than the 5 nm process. The performance increase is 23% with a 16% lower chip area. Furthermore, with the second generation of the 3nm process, Samsung aims to achieve a 50% cut in consumption and a 35% improvement in performance compared to 5 nm.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung will not be able to surpass TSMC in terms of market share. The Korean company will have to demonstrate the effective efficiency of its production process before it can gain ground on TSMC which can afford the luxury of optimizing the production activity to the maximum before starting mass production.

At the moment, it is not clear which devices will be the first to be able to count on the new chips based on the production process just launched by Samsung. More details in this regard should arrive over the next few weeks.

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