Samsung si classifica al primo posto: è lei la regina degli aggiornamenti Android thumbnail

Samsung takes first place – it is she who is the queen of Android updates

Looking forward to the arrival of Android 14which will integrate a feature that will block the download of obsolete apps, we can take a look at the ranking of the most virtuous companies for Android updates and which sees Samsung ranked first.

Samsung, queen of Android updates

According to a ranking published on Redditthe South Korean multinational is in pole position in guaranteeing four updates of the Android operating system (on average one per year) e five years of updates of security patches.

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Next, we find OnePlus, Oppo e Google.

On balance, Samsung’s good positioning shouldn’t surprise too much: although the other Android smartphone manufacturers have carved out a good slice of the market for themselves, Samsung is a veteran in this sense, being considered by many to be Apple’s main competitor in the telephony field.

No wonder, therefore, if the multinational tries to maintain a certain dominance, guaranteeing certain standards which have become over time a pulling cart for all other companies.

The care that Samsung takes in ensuring annual updates for both software and security patches can also be seen in the recent update of its devices with Android 13.

Samsung wasted no time

In fact, right after Google made it available to its users in the summer of 2022, Samsung immediately updated all its compatible devices to Android 13, thus allowing users to enjoy a next generation operating system.

This is a very important step, as Samsung wanted to protect its users through this update: an obsolete operating system without updates can be exposed to a multitude of dangersputting your entire smartphone at risk.

The decision to proceed immediately with the update has further allowed Samsung to rise above its competitors. In fact, not all Android smartphones in circulation, unlike those of the South Korean multinational, are currently already updated to Android 13. Just as not all guarantee the same years of coverage as Samsung.

In short, the company founded by Lee Byung-chul it proves to be attentive to the needs of its consumers and a trailblazer for virtuous behaviors that have a dual purpose: to retain users and acquire new customers, certain of the reliability of Samsung’s Android updates.

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