Samsung Unpacked: Is the New Galaxy Note Ready for the Event?

Galaxy Note: il nuovo modello verrà svelato al Samsung Unpacked? thumbnail

Samsung confirmed that he will be holding an event Unpacked in February to announce the series Galaxy S22: TM Roh, president of Samsung and head of the mobile experience sector, announced Thursday that we may also see the Galaxy Note successor. For the moment there is still nothing confirmed, however, so it could also be simple coincidences.

Samsung Unpacked: will there also be Galaxy Note at the event?

Samsung’s post is full of references to the series Galaxy Note, suggesting it will play a role in Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S announcement. Roh acknowledged that many were surprised when the company didn’t release a new Galaxy Note last year. However the president added that Samsung he has not forgotten these kinds of experiences.

This does not necessarily mean that Samsung will announce a new version of the Galaxy Note during this event. Rumors have suggested that the Galaxy S22 Ultra it will essentially be a replacement for the Note, and Samsung’s post seems to suggest the same. In short, at the moment the possibilities are still rather nebulous, and it is likely that to have a certain answer we will have to wait for the event.

Not to mention that the successor of the Note could be the Galaxy S22 Ultra. On the other hand, several unofficial images and videos of the phone have already repeatedly suggested that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a design similar to the Note, with square edges and a stylus included in the package.

Having the Galaxy Ultra range as the successor to the Galaxy Note would be a sensible move for Samsung, whereas phones fill very similar roles in the company’s smartphone range. The Galaxy Note has been positioned as a more premium option for those who wanted a larger screen, stylus and longer battery life, and the Galaxy S Ultra does more or less the same thing, which plays in favor of this theory. .

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