Samsung svela il suo primo chip UWB e lancia la gamma Exynos Connect thumbnail

Samsung unveils the first UWB chip in the Exynos Connect range

Samsung has officially unveiled its first UWB (Ultra Wide Band) chip which also inaugurates the new range Exynos Connect. The chip in question is called Exynos Connect 100 and allows for high-precision measurements when installed on smartphones, tablets, wearables, or even vehicles. The Exynos Connect range, on the other hand, will include all Samsung chips dedicated to connectivity. Here are the full details on it:

Exynos Connect 100: Samsung’s super-precise chip

The new Exynos Connect 100 it is a chip designed to guarantee high precision measurements. This chip is able to measure distances with a precision in the order of centimeters and to measure the direction and, therefore, the angles with a difference of less than 5 degrees.

It is a chip designed for mobile devices of all kinds. Samsung has released the new Exynos Connect 100 without neglecting safety, introducing, therefore, a series of features related to encryption to ensure the maximum possible protection for the devices that will use this chip.

Exynos Connect U100 Press Release dl1

Exynos Connect 100 is the first chip in the Exynos Connect range which will contain chips designed for different types of use and, in particular, for short-range connections, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With this project, Samsung intends to reduce its dependence on third-party manufacturers to focus on home-made solutions.

Here is the presentation video of the new chip:

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