Samsung vuole utilizzare il 100% di plastica riciclata per i propri smartphone thumbnail

Samsung wants to use 100% recycled plastic for its smartphones

Samsung he loves the environment and is demonstrating it by starting to produce his own smartphone con recycled plasticaiming for a future 100% reuse.

Samsung wants to increase the use of recycled plastic for its smartphones

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The multinational has announced the ambitious goal of wanting to get to use for their smartphones, by 2050100% recycled plastic and other eco-friendly materials, thus reducing its environmental impact.

It’s not the first time that Samsung has used recycled plastic for its devices: the same flagship smartphones like the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23 are built with 80% recycled PET.

Specifically the S22 has at its core 6 components in recycled plastichowever being beaten by the newcomer from Samsung: the S23 even has 12.

Specifically, in addition to plastic, Samsung with its “Galaxy for the Planet” program said it also used discarded fishing nets and to be able to reduce up to 15 tons within this year.

Park Sung-sun, Executive VP and head of mechanical research and development team at Samsung MX, said: “One might wonder what impact our campaign could have on the earth’s environment, but it is a considerable amount given Samsung’s vast product portfolio. We think it can have small but significant reverberations for each client.”

We could translate Samsung’s honorable message as “the more you produce, the more you have to be responsible for the environment”, which also makes sense if we think of the myriad of company-branded devices that populate the market and our homes every day.

In addition, as proof of the seriousness with which the South Korean multinational company has taken the environmental issue, Park Sung-sun also said that Samsung is currently forging a series of collaborations with other brands and partners to address another burning issue, related to pollution produced by device tech: the use of rare materials such as gold and cobaltthe extraction of which is also very laborious in terms of emissions.

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