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Samsung will develop a 576MP sensor by 2025

It seemed to have created a sort of stasis on the issue of megapixels on sensors, having today some solid points as references. And invece Heachang Lee, Samsung’s Senior Vice President and Head of Automotive Sensors during a presentation at the SEMI Europe Summit revealed some important rumors about the future. The news was leaked by the Image Sensors World blog, always attentive to these issues.

Speaking of the evolution of the sensors produced by the company, a timeline was shown with a clear reference to the future. The company’s goal is to achieve exaggerated resolution in 2025, with a 576 million pixels.

Last year the company had already declared that it wanted to reach 500MP, declaring how this resolution is comparable to the effective resolution of the human eye.

Ahead of Samsung, or rather Samsung’s engineers, now the biggest challenge. To manage to overcome physical and technological limits to increase the resolution of such a small sensor so much. But according to what has been stated, these are the challenges that allow us to continue to innovate. With this spirit, the company sets no limits and even aims to arrive in the future, perhaps not too distant, to capture even more details than the human eye can see. We will see what happens in the future and if Samsung will really be able to reach this milestone by 2025 with the new 576MP sensor for its devices.

576MP sensor for which use?

It is still unclear for what purposes a 576MP sensor is being worked on. M probably not for smartphones of the next generations. In fact, the slide of the presentation comes from those who deal with the automotive world and it is likely that they are thinking about self-driving cars, drones or maybe even medical equipment. 2025 isn’t that far off, so we’ll see what the future holds.

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