Samsung’s ring makes a surprise debut: here is Galaxy Ring

Samsung annuncia a sorpresa il suo primo anello smart thumbnail

A surprise announcement comes from San José: theSamsung ringone smart ring which launches a new category of connected and wearable devices: Galaxy Ring. The ring of the South Korean brand comes together all’ecosistema Galaxy, which Samsung continues to expand: after smartphones, tablets, laptops, earphones and watches, the first smart ring also arrives. Which we are really curious to try: Galaxy Ring promises to monitor our health via Samsung Healthall from one finger.

Samsung’s ring makes a surprise debut: here is Galaxy Ring

The San José event has starring the Galaxy S24, with all the new features enabled bythe AI co-developed by Samsung together with Google. But surprisingly, right at the last minute, another technological product arrives that no one expected – even if some rumors had leaked out.

A new category

That of the smart ring is a rapidly evolving category. Among the most talked about gadgets of CES 2024 there were some interesting smart rings, capable of keeping track of health and sports values, some even with NFC for payments. All solutions that, to be honest, have been around for a few years.

But the arrival of theSamsung ring changes the rules of the game. The strength of the brand and the integration into the Galaxy ecosystem (smartphones, smartwatches and more) could establish this product category. But what makes Samsung’s ring different from all the others? And is it worth waiting for its release?

A device connected to Samsung Health

Before showing off its smart ring, Samsung talked about how it is working with medical labs around the world to improve our health. Samsung Health It allows you to keep track of when you do sports, what you eat, how you sleep, and can help manage how you take medicine.

All these health features improve thanks to AI. My Vitality Score will combine all these values ​​to let you understand how you are doing with a simple metric. The new Booster Card can give you advice on how to better manage stress and always be ready.

Galaxy Ring It is proposed as a product capable of analyzing your sleep, your physical activity, your heart rate at rest and during exercise, and blood oxygenation. All just by holding the Samsung ring on your finger.

Samsung hasn’t disclosed much other information about its new smart ring. We only know what his name is Galaxy Ring and which has health sensors, in order to take advantage of Samsung Health. However, at least for the moment, no specs, no release date, no price. But as soon as we have more information we will let you know.

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