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Sanremo 2022: all the new voice commands from Alexa

Report cards, polls, predictions and much more: the new Alexa voice commands arrive at Sanremo 2022.

The new Alexa voice commands during Sanremo 2022

Sanremo 2022 is about to begin: the Italian Song Festival returns to our screens, and – while the singers warm up their voices and the orchestra rereads the scores – the time has come for the spectators to get ready to follow one of the most followed shows in Italy .

This year, we will be able to experience the Sanremo event together with a true music lover: Alexa. The voice assistant will in fact accompany us with shrewd jokes and pungent comments for the duration of the program, every evening. Saying “Alexa, comment on Sanremo” we will discover the relentless report cards for each singer in the competition and presenter, with votes from 1 to 10. It will be possible to listen to the report cards again the next day and ask for the report card of a specific performance, choosing the vote to listen to, asking for example: “Alexa, what grade did you give to Iva Zanicchi?”.

Alexa has very specific tastes in music and for every singer she has her own opinion: asking “Alexa, what do you think of Achille Lauro?” we may be surprised to know his preferences on the artists competing. And to get a forecast on who will win the 72nd edition of the event, you can ask “Alexa, who will win Sanremo?”, and find out the name of the eligible candidate according to Alexa.

But that is not all. Alexa users in Italy will also have the opportunity to express their opinion on the best moments of the evening, the best looks or the best sketch. Just say “Alexa, open the survey on Sanremo“. Finally, why not enjoy Sanremo reliving the most famous successes of past editions?

Already in the days leading up to the Festival, they will be available dedicated and free playlists, different every day, to listen to the great hits again. In fact, it will suffice to say “Alexa, Sanremo atmosphere” to relive both the magic of the great classics of Italian song. From Thousand Blue Bubbles di Mina to the successes of the most recent editions such as the catchphrase Music Very light by Colapesce and Dimartino. Alexa is the perfect companion to feel one step away from the Ariston orchestra.

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