Sanremo 2024 ranking: who won and who came last

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The final ranking of Sanremo 2024: Angelina Mango wins, Geolier second, Fred De Palma last: it’s been ten years since a woman won

Between various controversies and protests a Sanremo Festival with a controversial ranking ends but with a first place that makes everyone agree. In this article we told you our opinion on the individual songs, with a good placement by Angelina Mango, who then took flight with La rondine del padre in the cover evening and overtook the Neapolitan rapper Geolier at the last bend.

Thus, Angelina Mango wins the 47th Sanremo Festival, as announced by Amadeus at the end of the long musical marathon, with the singer, daughter of an artist, bursting into tears and shouting: “You are crazy”. In second place was Geolier, the Neapolitan rapper who was in pole position for the victory amidst the boos of the public. On the lowest step of the podium Annalisain fourth place Expensive. Sixth place was contested by the audience Mahmood, the first of those excluded from the final. Last place for Fred DePalma.

Sanremo 2024 ranking: who won and who came last

A summary of this edition

This brings to a close a Festival in which Italian song was perhaps the least protagonist of all, with few performances that really stood out. The Mia Martini Critics Award was awarded to her sister Loredana Bertè with the song Pazza, the Sergio Bardotti prize for best lyrics was awarded to Fiorella Mannoia. Two veterans who evidently still have something to say. The Lucio Dalla Press Room Award goes to Angelina Mango with La noia, which also won the Giancarlo Bigazzi Award – awarded by the Festival Orchestra – for the best musical composition.

Final disappointment in Naples due to the failure to win Oilier at the Sanremo festival, but that didn’t stop us from celebrating anyway. A party in which the mayor of Naples also took part in some way, Gaetano Manfredi, who congratulated the Neapolitan rapper by announcing that he was waiting for him in the town hall. However, apart from the complaints about this or that singer, nothing really significant in an edition that is certainly of good quality but, indeed, not very Sanremo.

Sanremo 2024 ranking: who won and who came last

The final ranking of Sanremo 2024

The definitive ranking of the Sanremo Festival 2024 from first to 30th place:

1 – Angelina Mangowith Boredom
2 – Oilierwith I p’me, tu p’te
3 – Annalisawith Sincerely
4 – Expensivewith Casa mia
5 – Melodywith You no

6 – Mahmoodwith gold tracksuit
7 – Loredana Bertèwith Pazza
8 – The flightwith Masterpiece
9 – Alessandra Amorosowith Up to here
10 – Alfawith Go!

11 – Gazelleswith All Here
12 – The Threewith Fragili
13 – Diodatewith You move
14 – Emmawith Apnea
15 – Fiorella Mannoiawith Butterfly

16 – The Kolorswith One Boy One Girl
17 – Mr. Rainwith two swings
18 – French Saintswith love in my mouth
19 – Negramarowith Let’s start all over again
20 – Dargen D’Amicowith Onda alta

21 – Riches and Poorswith But not all my life
22 – BigMamawith Anger is not enough for you
23 – Rose Villaincon Click Boom!
24 – Clarawith rough diamonds
25 – Good luck Nekwith Crazy about you

26 – Manninwith Spectacular
27 – The Sadwith Self-Destructive
28 – BNKR44with Punk Government
29 – Saint Johnwith Finish me
30 – Fred DePalmawith Heaven doesn’t want us

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