Satechi Quatro Powerbank, il caricatore USB tutto in uno da avere sempre con sé thumbnail

Satechi Quatro Powerbank, the all-in-one USB charger to always have with you

Holidays, trips, excursions, activities and outdoor sports. There are no better seasons than spring and summer for spend your free time outside the city, away from the noise, traffic and rush that infects us every day. A week, a weekend or even a single day can regenerate, giving you the right energy to face even the most stressful work commitments with enthusiasm. And, speaking of charge, never run out of energy for our beloved smartphones, wearables and hi-tech devices thanks to Satechi Four Powerbank, whose practicality and usefulness is not really the case to give up. Especially when you are in nature, the perfect occasion to take photos and record videos, listen to your favorite music, use the navigator and keep in touch with friends.

Satechi Quatro Powerbank: one powerbank for many devices

Un battery pack Usb come Quatro Powerbank ST-UC10WPBM by Satechi – distributed in Italy by Attiva – is the ideal choice for any mobile charging need for our most beloved devices such as Apple iPhone, AirPods Pro e Apple Watch but also of an infinite range of other devices. The presence of the Qi wireless charging module and the two USB-C PD and USB-A ports allows you to charge up to three at the same time. The capacity of Quatro Powerbank is i 10,000mAhmore than enough for any need and any portable device you want to always carry with us, and is able to deliver up to 18W of power for fast and safe refills.

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It is possible to check the charge status of the Powerbank itself thanks to a series of intuitive dedicated LED indicators, in order to have the certainty that it is always ready for use. And, in case it needs a recharge, the same 18W system will significantly reduce the times, because it is also present on the input of the battery pack as well as on the output.

Satechi Quatro Powerbank 2

Forget cables thanks to wireless charging

Satechi Quatro Powerbank ST-UC10WPBM is comfortable not only because it has a slim profile with modern lines and rounded corners or a weight of only 260 grams but also because it saves us from having to have the charging cables with us. The built-in wireless module, which also offers a specific Apple Watch slot, is activated by double-clicking on the appropriate button on the side profile. Simple, fast and practical, it allows you to recharge any device – including smartwatches, true wireless headphones, smartphones – compatible with the Qi energy standardthe most widespread in the world and adopted by all major manufacturers of hi-tech devices.

Never again without energy, thanks to the Satechi Quatro Powerbank ST-UC10WPBM, USB battery pack elegant, innovative and practical which, always kept in a backpack, suitcase or handbag, will come in handy with its precious and infinite reserve of energy on many occasions.

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