Saul Goodman arrives on Marvel’s Spider-Man thanks to a user’s mod

Saul Goodman arriva su Marvel’s Spider-Man grazie alla mod di un utente thumbnail

Saul Goodman in Marvel’s Spider-Man – Credit: Sony and FTX Games

In fact the phrase “Swift Justice for All”, motto of Saul Goodman in Better Call Saul, it could perfectly apply to the Spider-Man character as well. A user has published a mod of the Marvel’s Spider-Man videogame for PC with Saul Goodman as the protagonist.

You are in trouble? You better call S … pider-man!

Saul Goodman invades the Marvel’s Spider-Man universe with his ties

The work was born from the creativity of a modder who calls himself Arthurvitormb, who to recreate the character of the lawyer of dubious morality has taken the models of Saul from the mobile game Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements. The result you can judge for yourself below.

But Jimmy McGill (aka Saul aka Gene Takavic) isn’t the only character recreated by modders. Since its release, Marvel’s Spider-Man has undergone several changes by fans, who are riding their creativity by introducing different characters.

Recently another user has in fact made a mod bringing the frog Kermit into the game. After all: “The multiverse is a concept we know frighteningly little about

Meanwhile, the final episode of the sixth season has put an end to Better Call Saul, a much appreciated spin-off of Breaking Bad. The series, available on Netflix, told us the story of the young lawyer Jimmy McGill (played by Bob Odenkirk) leading him to become Saul Goodman, the criminal advocate (or criminal advocate).