SBS launches new technological products at MWC 2023

SBS al MWC 2023 con una strategia multi-brand thumbnail

SBS confirms its presence in the sector of accessories dedicated to smartphones and tablets with the first novelties of 2023 exhibited during the fair Mobile World Congress (MWC). In fact, it has launched the entire Energy range represented by e-ENERGY line mainly dedicated to green energy.

The new SBS technological products at MWC 2023

Here are the company’s new devices.

SBS at MWC 2023, the portable solar panel

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Il portable solar panel it is ideal for outdoor activities: a valid alternative in the absence of a power bank or a source of electricity. The USB-A ports deliver power at 10.5W each and ensure simultaneous charging of 2 devices. The compact dimensions, the design designed for outdoor use and the two carabiners to be attached to the backpack allow you to absorb solar energy and charge outdoors.

SBS al MWC 2023, il Power station da 150 W

The power station da 150 W – thanks to the USB-A, USB-C ports and the 100W DC and AC sockets – allows the charging of 6 devices at the same time (smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, speakers, earphones, laptops, MacBooks or small appliances that require power up to 100W). It stands out for its small size and practical handle which make it easy to transport. It can be recharged from the car’s 12V socket, from an electrical outlet or through solar panels. It is equipped with an LED spotlight, ideal for illuminating the surrounding environment, and an LCD screen that indicates the remaining battery percentage, the activation of the AC socket and the functioning of the DC socket.

Powerbank solare

Il powerbank solare – from 10,000 to 20,000 mAh – gives the opportunity to choose how to power the accessory: using sunlight or electricity. In the first case, the panel on the back is capable of producing sufficient energy to recharge the device up to 50%; in the second case, the USB ports are used.

Gradual large-scale launch and expectations towards a large audience are high: the concept of energy green makes us more and more proud of theenvironment that we have already been protecting for years.
Attention to the theme of sustainability could not be missing from the Audio range: the auricolari TWS solar Twin Kobo have a multifunctional base that can be used in standard mode by inserting them in the charging case or in solar mode as an ideal solution in case of emergency, when there is no energy source (just place the base in the sun or near light sources to have them ready to use after 6 hours).

Wall Charger da 36W, 45W, 65W e 120W

Wall Charger da 36W, 45W, 65W e 120W made with GaN technologyi.e. with gallium nitride semiconductors. This material has many advantages over silicon and can be used to make smaller transistors, resulting in smaller chips. GaN can handle higher power levels, charges faster than traditional GaN, and is more efficient so it doesn’t waste energy. This accessory is, therefore, of small size, but very powerful. Power Delivery technology guarantees high charging performance and safety while being ultra-compact. Its particular style gives it practicality and, whichever direction it is inserted into the plug, there will be no difficulties with the cable.

wireless station

wireless station which feeds up to 5 devices simultaneously. It features 2 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C ports and 1 wireless charger. The USB inputs are covered by a cover dedicated to cable management: the practical openings keep the cables separate from each other, avoiding tangles. Intelligent Charge, Power Delivery and Automation Detection technologies make it flexible, while the design enhances its compactness.

The Jaz speaker collection

At the stand, it will also be possible to touch the other novelties of the Jaz collection in the category speaker. Highlight the accessories Witcher20 e Witcher100, both featuring easy operation and sound reproduction up to 10 meters with a stable connection; therefore suitable for animating parties with friends, for enjoying films and music in total relaxation and, thanks to the microphone port, also for karaoke evenings. Furthermore, the integrated LED creates the right atmosphere at all times. They differ, in proportion to the power, for the music listening time (from 2.5 to 5.5 hours) and for the IPX certification (5 or 6). In addition, Witcher100, thanks to TWS technology, can connect to another identical speaker and amplify the sound even more.

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