Scarf: here is the new platform adventure coming to Steam

Scarf: ecco il nuovo platform adventure in arrivo su Steam thumbnail

HandyGames has just announced Scarf, a new platform title coming to Steam. In the game we will have to discover our true destiny as you explore beautifully made worlds. Although beautiful, these places have been altered in various ways. Something or someone is hiding the truth. It will be up to us players to find out what is really happening in Scarf.

Scarf: here is the new platform coming to Steam

As soon as you arrive in the beautiful surroundings of Scarf, we will be accompanied by a magical creature which has the ability to change shape. Like a seemingly normal scarf that wraps around your weak little avatar. Our cloth friend will need our help to find his home and his mother. Our task in this odyssey is to follow the souls who have stolen the keys to find their way home.

Our fate will therefore be intertwined with that of the scarf and vice versa. During our adventures in Scarf, we will have to solve many types of increasingly complex puzzles, overcome obstacles and discover new wonderful places, using unique mechanics. The developers invited us to take a deep breath and travel to this wild world, without fearing the puzzles and challenges that will come our way.

Creating a bond with the scarf unlocks new abilities that will allow us to overcome extremely difficult platforming challenges. Slide, hook and slingshot to blast your way through this fantastic world of wonders.


  • A journey for all ages with multiple interpretations
  • Beautiful sceneries
  • An extraordinary artistic style
  • A mysterious polymorphic dragon-shaped scarf
  • unlocks an alternate ending, depending on the player’s exploration
  • Adaptive orchestral music
  • A magical world with a legendary mythology
  • Exploration, puzzles and platforms that make the adventure worth remembering
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