SCUF Envision: the revolutionary PC controller presented

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SCUF, a renowned brand of high-end gaming controllers, has announced the release of the SCUF Envision, a revolutionary PC controller

SCUF Gaming, creator of high-performance gaming controllers, today announced the launch of its new ed futuristic line of PC controllers: SCUF Envision. Designed specifically for PC gamers, SCUF Envision revolutionizes the gaming experience with a unprecedented customization and cutting-edge technologies.

SCUF Envision: the revolutionary PC controller presented

What should we expect? | SCUF Envision

Offering an unprecedented level of control, SCUF Envision ensures a competitive advantage essential to gamers thanks to the additional control options that have made this SCUF controller a essential element in high-end gaming. Inside the iconic body that made SCUF controllers famous, compared to traditional controllers, there are 11 additional remappable input keys which allow all enthusiasts to create a layout unico ed optimized for their specific playing style, thus allowing them to always have every command at hand, especially when it’s time to make a difference.

Bertrand Chevalier, GM of SCUF Gaming, said the following at the launch:

Our goal is to provide the best experience ever for PC gamers who choose to play their favorite games with a controller. Before Envision, gamers tried to get the most performance out of controllers that weren’t optimized for PC gaming. Now, with Envision, they can take advantage of greater control and faster responses, all on a platform tailor-made for the PC.

SCUF Envision: the revolutionary PC controller presented

Versatility and innovation | SCUF Envision

Proving its versatility, SCUF Envision boasts five G keys completely programmable which guarantee convenient access to any PC shortcut. Additionally, the controller includes two buttons Side Action (SAX) that allow access to new configurations in game, as well as four integrated rear paddles that offer faster responses and greater control in every title. Change weapons, jump or slide without ever taking your thumbs off the sticks; start an app, silence il microphone or even stream content without ever taking your hands off the controller.

SCUF Envision offers an additional degree of innovation through i ABXY mechanical buttons e D-Pad, which guarantee even more precise and responsive inputs. With SCUF Envision Promore demanding players can also benefit from using the instant triggers adjustable that allow you to alternate between instant clicks comparable to those of a mouse, perfect for delivering rapid shots in FPS titles, and between progressive stroke inputs perfect for RPG games and racing titles. The controller’s lightning-fast connectivity ensures constant, uninterrupted input – Envision Pro takes advantage of the technology CORSAIR SLIPSTREAM Wireless at very low latency, to guarantee a cutting-edge gaming experience on PC without using any cables.

iCUE software

SCUF Envision integrates seamlessly with the versatility of the software Corsair iCUE, allowing gamers to customize the response curves of took it off e triggers from the same interface used to configure the entire PC. Players can also synchronize the RGB light strip of the controller with the rest of their station, creating an even more immersive gaming atmosphere.

Thanks to extraordinary versatility and the possibility of customization, this advanced controller is able to offer greater control and precision, increasing the performance and once again raising the bar of your gaming experience.

SCUF Envision: the revolutionary PC controller presented

Prices and availability | SCUF Envision

Compatible with PCs equipped with Windows 10, This controller is available starting from 149,99 € ed Envision Pro starting from 199,99 €. Both will be available from October 12 at select retailers and on the SCUF Gaming website.

Versions of SCUF Envision customizable in colors It is in the design. What do you think of this product? Let us know with a comment below and continue reading to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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