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SCUF Gaming: introduces the new customizable functions

Fully customize this PS5 controller to your liking with the ability to configure each element and 32 new designs

SCUF Gamingmanufacturer of controller gaming high performance, today presented SCUF Reflexil new model totally customizable and technologically more advanceddesigned specifically for PlayStation 5 (PS5) is available in three models: Reflex, Reflex Pro e Reflex FPS.

All Reflex controllers are equipped with the innovative gaming features that i professional players expect from hoodsuch as the patented control system with four removable and programmable rear vanes at the push of a button. From today it is therefore possible to access a wide range of options customizationso as to allow every enthusiast to create an absolutely unique and unmistakable Reflex controller.

SCUF Gaming: introduces the new customizable functions

The words of Diego Nunez

diego nunezVice President of Gaming Marketing at CORSAIR said:

Controllers are an extension of gamers that allow them to maximize their performance and personality. Thanks to these new options also available on the SCUF Reflex, you will be able to create and design a controller that fits your unique style, with a wide variety of casings, analogs, colors and much more. The PS5 gamer community deserves a controller that meets the most advanced gaming demands and lives up to the quality standards it has come to expect from SCUF products. Every Reflex model was created for this; now you just have to customize it to make it unique.

SCUF Gaming: introduces the new customizable functions

SCUF Reflex: A list of customizable functions

The controller SCUF Reflex offers several components customizable directly from tool configuration, including body, touchpadkit in buttons and trigger system. Below is a complete list of customizable functions:

  • 32 colors for the shell
  • 9 colors for the touchpad
  • 6 colors for the key kit
  • 4 colors for analogs
  • 2 shapes for analogs
  • 2 heights for analogs
  • Two types of triggers
  • 7 colors of triggers and bumpers
  • 7 colors for the D-pad
  • 5 colors for the “Create / Options” function
  • 2 Home keys

Compatible with PS5 e Windows 7+, the models SCUF Reflex are available starting from 199,99 dollars (188.40 euros) and can only be purchased on the dedicated website.

What do you think about this SCUF Reflex from SCUF Gaming and its multiple customizations? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page and stay connected on

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