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Scuf Reflex review: the Scuf for PS5 and PC

In this article we are going to see the review of the brand new Scuf Reflex, a pad designed for the most demanding PlayStation 5 players that is also suitable for PC players

Always hood is a leader in creation and ininnovation competitive pads. With its new Reflex has redesigned the pad of Sony PlayStation 5 and he did it great. Obviously something did not fully convince us but on the whole you will discover during this review of the Scuf Reflex that the password is customization.

Customization by users is the focus of this new model. All player requests have been collected and implemented in this project. Through it store you can also go and intervene on aesthetic choices but not only. However, if the customization that the user can implement is remarkable, it must be said that Scuf perhaps lacked a little courage to take a step further. We will investigate this issue in the course of the review but we would like to know what you also think through the comment box.

Materials, packaging and design | Scuf Reflex review

Let’s start by describing the attention to detail that surrounds the inside and outside of the packaging of this new entry in the Scuf family.

Removed the first cover made with a light sheet of cardboard showing a photo of the Scuf we have the real package. The main box is black and orange obviously much more rigid. Inside we find ours Pad and another small package containing the accessories (the charging / connection cable and two spare analog sticks).

The materials chosen are obviously top, the plastics that make up the pad result solid and at the same time comfortable. In our variant we have a screen-printed body on the front parts and a solid color in gray for the rest of the pad. The screws are never in sight and the body is equipped with a system of joints that is easy to remove even for the less accustomed.

Le possibility of choice I’m really many and to bring a complete review we tried to give as much difference as possible without going overboard (perhaps).

Below we leave you the configuration that Scuf has kindly allowed us to choose without placing any type of restriction.

Obviously the choices we have made can be replaced with an almost unlimited variety. In addition to the aesthetic factors you can in fact choose whether or not to have the vibration or whether to add i rear triggers of one or the other type according to your needs. In a nutshell if you are more oriented towards a pad dedicated to FPS or if you are looking for a different experience you can better decide what to do.

As anticipated, the great strength lies in the customization that has been granted to us. But as we began to say at the beginning of this review dedicated to the Scuf Reflex some choices seemed “not very courageous”. The pad strongly resumes the appearance of the DualSense from PlayStation 5 and it does so not only in ergonomics but also in the symmetrical levers. In all honesty we would have liked to see something of more personal in these last respects even if we understand that some PS5 players might not have appreciated any kind of upheaval.

How does it behave in game? | Scuf Reflex review

Obviously we tested the newcomer to Scaf on our PlayStation 5 and on PC. Compared to the original pad and, Sony doesn’t want it, but it is Scuf is clearly superior. Thanks to the chosen shape it is easy to feel “at home” even with a pad that is not the one released by Sony even if on the whole, as we have already reiterated, we would not have been sorry to see a more personal touch also in the shapes and perhaps an asymmetry of the levers. On this point we would like to know yours too.

As for the use on PC it obviously remains an exciting pad. The responsiveness, the accessory triggers and the additional grip make this Joypad fly high.

We’ve played games of the moment like Call Of Duty Warzone, Fortnite, Elder Ring, and more.

In all cases the reactivity has been the master. Thanks to the Scuf, I don’t want the purists of the PC game, I rediscovered the pleasure of playing to FPS with a pad. The rear triggers manage to compensate the lack of a few extra keys you get when playing with the keyboard.

In short, we really have nothing to complain about on the gaming side to those who practically invented the competitive pad.

Who should buy this Scuf?

In conclusion we feel of to advise this Pad ai PlayStation 5 players looking for an even greater experience. Obviously if you have a PC you can also use this Pad to play with it and if you are in love with the shapes of the Sony pad with this Scuf you will feel at home. The innumerable number from livree e le endless possibilities from choice of the colors of practically every part of the pad will also allow you to have an original controller and probably different from all the others. Sure, the prezzo it is not the most accessible but if you want the best as you know you have to spend a few euros more.

The basic controller starts at a price of 219 euro and reaches up to 350 euro if you really want the complete package. You can make your own custom pad at this link.

Points in favor

  • Top materials and design
  • Better than the PlayStation 5 Pad
  • Fully customizable …

Points against

  • … even if with “not very courageous” choices

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