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Secretlab Magnus review: a desk to discover

In this article we will see the review of the Secretlab Magnus desk. Made in metal to last, this desk really offers a number of not negligible comforts

After the review of the fantastic Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 we return to talk about one of the most loved brands by gamers. As always we are going to see the positives and any negatives of this desk. The particular measures make it perfect for some it is insufficient for others but we will talk about this and many other aspects in this one review entirely dedicated to the work table magnetic of the brand of Singapore.

Secretlab Magnus review: a desk to discover

Specifications and assembly | Secretlab Magnus Review

Here are some specifics of the desk that are essential to know in order to appreciate its usability.

  • Length: 150 Cm
  • Height: 73.5 Cm
  • Depth: 70 Cm
  • Maximum load weight: 100 Kg (25 for the back cover)
  • Other: magnetic top, cable tray, assembly kit included

During the assembly phase, the instructions provided were fundamental: really very clear, thanks to complete and exhaustive drawings.

The treatment of the details it is noted as soon as the package is opened. Every part of the desk is packed e split at the perfection so that nothing can be damaged even during transport. In addition to great instructions It was really a welcome thing to find a complete assembly kit. Although it is not necessary to have a hardware to mount the desk, finding the screwdriver with the various interchangeable heads inside the package has greatly facilitated the assembly.

By following the illustrations and tips for the assembly in two people we have dedicated a little more than twenty minutes to assemble and position our desk. Ironically, the part that made us waste the most time was not the editing itself but being able to match the mat from leatherette upholstery (also magnetic) with the piano. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts we managed to get the desired result.

Secretlab Magnus review: a desk to discover

Design and materials | Secretlab Magnus Review

Il design of this desk, despite its simplicity, leaves really be amazed for the attention to detail.

On the legs there is the symbol of the manufacturer and red segments are inserted that break the line total black of the work table. The system from ride of the cables as the compartment on the part closest to the wall creates a division that makes the desk seem bigger than it is, a really appreciated optical effect.

The finishes a banda metallica on the edges they blend perfectly with the profiles of the imitation leather upholstery. In our case we have been provided with the most classic of coatings; black with red stitching and the written Magnus that stands out in relief thanks to the stitching of which it is composed. We were also provided with a kit containing some really useful cable clamps. The personalization of the desk continues thanks to the possibility from choice of coating in imitation leather, which covers the entire worktop, can be themed and you can choose the one that suits you best during the purchase phase.

Unfortunately, we were not provided with the LED light kit that I remember is not supplied. The additional accessories are really many and functional. We can in fact find different liveries for the coverage, kit in magnets by and cables, a headphone port, some LED strips and so on. But pay attention to the price, every small addition will raise the price, and not a little.

The materials chosen are mostly ferrous and with a few small exceptions, there are no others. Thanks to this choice, the Secretlab Magnus is stable, massive and resistant.

Secretlab Magnus review: a desk to discover

Comfort and use | Secretlab Magnus Review

Although the dimensions are not abundant, we were able to easily place all our setup on the plane. Thanks to monitor fixed on the wall we were able to install a Creative Stage V2 soundbar with annex subwoofer, a large case like the Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB, obviously all followed by a keyboard and mouse included.

In short, despite a large PC and a bulky audio system due to the speaker and subwoofer combo, we managed to better manage the available space.

I adjustable feet a few centimeters also help to position the desk according to your comfort and smooth out any height difference if you already have another work table placed in the immediate vicinity.

The coverage in leatherette does not allow one slipping correct mouse (not at its best if nothing else) therefore our advice is to place a mat for the latter device.

Secretlab Magnus review: a desk to discover

Who should buy this desk?

In conclusion we are faced with one really complete desk. Thanks to the cable management system, the elegance of your workstation is guaranteed. The structure in metallo, the finishes, the management of spaces and the design make it excellent from every point of view. Certainly the price is not the most affordable but everything is justified precisely by the materials chosen and by the attention to detail.

The not too generous dimensions make it suitable for everyone but obviously you will have to make some compromises if you are used to more spacious work tables.

The possibility from customization there is no shortage of accessories as well as every little addition you will see il prezzo grow very fast. Our advice is to buy at least the additional package containing the cable retainer magnets which we can no longer do without but if you do not have budget problems or you decide to buy the accessories later on headphone port it is really very useful and in front of the design the LED strips give an extra touch to the station.

The writing desk can be purchased on the Secretlab website at the price of 499 euro.

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