SEGA will present an RPG at TGS: is it a new Sakura Wars?

SEGA presenterà un RPG al TGS: che sia un nuovo Sakura Wars? thumbnail

SEGA has just revealed that, on the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show 2021, will raise the curtain on a new RPG, made by the studios of Atlus. At the moment, the company hasn’t revealed any details about this new project, but several users are pointing the finger at an unreleased chapter of Sakura Wars or his Project Re Fantasy, one of the video games currently in development at Atlus.

SEGA: a new RPG for the Tokyo Game Show is coming

Finally, the great gaming events are returning to full capacity and this year’s Tokyo Game Show promises to be potentially very interesting and full of announcements. The latest news about the Japanese video game fair sees SEGA as the protagonist, who officially revealed that will present a new RPG made by the studies of Atlus.

We still don’t know what title it is, but the clues seem to point towards a new chapter of Sakura Wars. To suggest this hypothesis we find several elements. Firstly, the brand had already been spotted a few days ago on the Tokyo Game Show website, then secondly 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the series, a more than suitable time for an official reveal.

In short, the arrival of a new Sakura Wars seems almost certain, even considering that the last chapter, which arrived in the West last year, is in effect a soft reboot of the entire franchise. Of course, this game isn’t SEGA’s and Atlus’ only bow arrow.

Although the possibilities are much more limited, we could see the official announcement of Project Re Fantasy the new title in development at a division of Atlus and directed by Katsura Hashino, game director of Persona 3, 4 and 5. This title was unveiled in 2017, but since then we have had hardly any news about it, which is why it could it’s time for an update.

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