Segway-Ninebot presenta il nuovo monopattino elettrico MAX G30E II thumbnail

Segway-Ninebot presents the new MAX G30E II electric scooter

Segway-Ninebot, the world leader in electric mobility, has announced the arrival of the new electric scooter MAX G30E II. It is a new model, a restyling of the iconic MAX G30, characterized by a renewed aesthetic and refined features. Let’s find out all the details together.

The Segway-Ninebot electric scooter

The characteristic feature of the vehicle certainly concerns theachievable autonomy, as far as 65 km, representing the value currently higher among the brands of electric scooters. The 551 Wh lithium battery remains under control thanks to the Smart Battery Management System which prevents:

  • Short circuit;
  • Overload;
  • Overheating.

Among other things, the generator fully recharges in approx 6 ore thanks to the built-in charger.

The differences with the previous MAX G30 consist in a new closing mechanism of the scooter. This element can be useful for storing your vehicle in the trunk of the car. In addition there is also the rear fender which integrates an E-MARK certified reflector of larger size it’s a plate where to attach the plate, in anticipation of the new rules that could provide for the obligation.

The innovative regenerative braking system, note of merit of the latest MAX G30E II, recovers kinetic energy resulting from braking and uses it during acceleration to give the vehicle a further boost. Moreover, to increase safety, the new kickscooter is enriched with side reflectors, anterior e posteriori.

The 10-inch tubeless tires allow one smoother ride and also pleasant on the uneven floors. These are also characterized by an inner layer of protective gelatin which further reduces the risk of puncture.

Thanks to display a LED you can select the most suitable driving mode (Eco, Drive, Sport and Pedestrian), check the battery status and the Bluetooth connection. Finally, thanks to the engine from 350W, MAX G30E II can cope with slopes up to 20% uphill, ensuring maximum stability even in the most inaccessible situations.

The electric scooter is available at the price of 799,99 euro. For more information you can consult the official website.

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