Selectra: at Christmas in Italy over 30 million will be spent to light up homes

Selectra: a Natale in Italia si spenderanno oltre 30 milioni per illuminare le case thumbnail

Selectra knows it: in Italy holidays are made not only of joy and sharing, but also of luci which beautify and illuminate garlands, balconies and trees of Natale. But in the face of bill increaseshow much will this Christmas period cost for Italians?

Citizens in Italy will pay over 30 million euros for Selectra

Selectraa free service that compares and activates electricity, gas and internet offers for companies and individuals, analyzed the costs related to Italian Christmas habits.

For example, assuming lighting for 6 hours a daythe country consumes about 1,600 MWh, or over 46,000 MWh for the entire period from 8 December to 6 January.

On an economic level, the expense amounts to over 30 million euros for the entire Christmas period, with spending per family in the Protected Market equal to 1.70 euros in the billthat is to say almost 1 euro more than in 2021.

All this considering that on average families use LED chains of at least 300 lights for the Christmas tree and an LED tube to decorate balconies and windows externally, but not only. Lamps projecting snowflakes can also be added to the lights; luminous figurines; LED for setting up the crib.

Unfortunately, this excess of lighting is paid for also and above all in environmental terms: Selectra has calculated that yes they emit a total of 651 tons of CO2.

So it is important not only not to overdo the lighting to keep the bills down, but also not to pollute too much.

How are the costs amortized?

Selectra advises citizens of Italy to use small tricks, such as strategically arranging mirrors or reflective surfaces that intensify the effect of colored lights.

Furthermore, it would be enough for all Italian families to hold on turned on the decorative lights one hour less per day to reduce the environmental impact of 3,000 tons of CO2 e save around 5 million euros in total.

It is also very useful to use the home automationto time the switching on and off of the Christmas lights, thus preventing them from remaining active when you are not at home or at night.

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