SEO course: how to be found by users

A great way to reach a good number of users is to optimize your site for search engines. Let’s find out how

The application of strategies and SEO techniques they are a means to allow users to find your site in a very simple way. Applying the strategies allows your site to reach the top positions in the search engine and thus increase the inbound traffic to your site.

All this and much more will be explained to you at the SEO Course on which you can find many indications by connecting to the website A course designed for you who have decided to make work on the web your life or who are simply launching yourself into a new adventure. But in the meantime, let’s see how you can help users find you.

Your site must be performing

Having a good site does not mean having an effective site. An effective site is one that manages to bring you a good number of new customers on a regular and constant basis. When a user enters a site, all they want is to find the answers to their questions. If someone accesses your site and does not find the answers to their questions, they generally tend to leave your page very quickly and above all they tend not to return and that for you is nothing more than a possible lost customer.

But this is not enough, because maybe your content is excellent but you just can’t find a correspondence between the visits to your site and the number of customers. Have you ever thought that maybe your site isn’t fast enough? I’ll explain. Statistical studies state that a user tends to leave a site if the pages do not load within 3 seconds. Yes, a site that takes as little as 5 seconds or so to load is called slow and typically gets abandoned quickly.

So what should you do? Choose a layout that is not too thoughtful, optimize the images, which must still be of good quality, but with dimensions that are optimal for a website. And finally, don’t forget to make your site mobile friendly, that is, it can also be seen from a smartphone or tablet. Remember that today most of the access takes place from mobile devices.

To check the speed of your site, why not try using a tool like PageSpeed Insights?

Do you think this is enough? In reality this is not the case and more information will be given to you in the SEO course.

SEO course: site optimization

Another way to reach a good number of users is to optimize your site for search engines. This means carry out meticulous work on its platform to make it attractive to both users and Google.

What will you have to do? First of all, choose the right keywords, the same ones that your users would use to be able to carry out their research. The user in the sea of ​​content that the web makes available, in order not to get lost, has decided to become very selective and give twine only to those sites that are able to give answers to his questions, but which also have a good shape, a excellent grammar and a form that makes them easy to use.

L’SEO optimization It will allow you to climb the Google positions and appear among the first results and only this will allow your site to increase visits and also to increase the number of your customers.

I social network

We do not demonize social networks, some believed they were a simple flash in the pan, but in reality they are taking up a lot of space in the life of each of us and the success of a site or a platform also passes from here.

We haven’t talked about it, but in the course they will, one way to make your web page known is to apply the link building, but this is not enough. Basically it consists in having other sites that insert our reference link within them. If you have good content, it happens that this happens completely naturally and that Google likes it so much, other times it happens because you pay other sites to insert the link and the search engine likes it a little less.

So to get referrals why not decide to get some publicity on social networks? But remember that they also have rules and optimization must happen the same way that websites do.