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Session: Skate Sim – Biggest update ever

There is a major new update for Session: Skate Sim, introducing a number of improvements and new skates. Here are all the news of the mega-update.

What you need to know about the new update of Session: Skate Sim

Realism and immersion. These are the keywords of the new update of Session: Skate Sim, skateboard simulator developed by Crea-ture Studios and distributed by NACON. The update implements a number of new features that bring the game – available in Early Access his Steamin the program Xbox Game Preview and now on Epic Games Store – to a new level. There is also a new trailer that shows us all the improvements introduced by the update.

The development team worked closely with the community (where around two hundred thousand players share feedback on the game every day). The aim is to offer a skateboard simulation that returns the true spirit of this street discipline. It is therefore not surprising that this update is the most mammoth update of the title, as also confirmed by Marc-Andre, Development studio CEO:

“The building blocks are finally coming together and shaping the vision we’ve always had of this game. Gamers have been able to take advantage of the physics of the video game in its early days, with great success. We can’t wait to see where creativity will take them with this more advanced version. The entire Crea-ture Studios team is grateful for the support of the players and excited to share this update with them. “

All the news of the update

  • Improved graphics and smoother movements between the board and the skater
  • New open world maps: Jerome Avenue Banks a New York City e FDR Park a Philadelphia.
  • 5 new skateboard models: Antiferg, Mark Appleyard, Billy Marks, Manny Santiago and Beagle (join the former Ribs Man, Donovan Strain, Dane Burman and Daewon Song).
  • 4 new characters: not only avatars, but also clothes and brands of the street scene (Madrid Skateboards, ThankYou Skateboards, Sugar Skate Co.). After all, skateboarding is a way of life.
  • New mode: by visiting different neighborhoods in New York and Philadelphia, the player will be able to meet other skateboarders and try their hand at new missions.

All that remains is to fasten the helmet and knee pads, because the new experience of Session : Skate Sim is available on Steam, Xbox e Epic Games.

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